We collaborate with and support projects in the cultural space with the aim of promoting and preserving popular customs and artistic heritage. Because we think that culture is essential to the development of society.

Roman archaeological site of Carteia

Collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid in the research, study, and promotion of the Roman archaeological site of Carteia (San Roque). This helps us to bring knowledge about the heritage and cultural richness of San Roque to the rest of the region.

Chicharritos Project

The Chicharritos Project that aims to involve the people of Tenerife in the artistic decoration of fish-shaped sculptures (the city’s main symbol). Selected sculptures are distributed in popular city spots for everyone to enjoy.

Cultural activities in Muelle de las Carabelas de la Rábida

We carry out cultural activities at the Carabelas dock at la Rábida in Huelva to promote the attractions of the dock to visitors.

Youth Symphony Orchestra of Portugal

We work with the musicians of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Portugal in their end of year concert, and offer tickets for the concert to the winners of the year’s Social Value Awards.

Immerse yourself in Santa Cruz (Sumérgete en Santa Cruz)

The project helps us to improve the look of spaces and walls in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We aim to spark cultural interest in those that live there so they can enjoy their public spaces. The initiative takes to the central streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife four times a year.

Research Studies in the Castle and Port of Palos de la Frontera (Huelva)

We contribute to the cultural and social promotion of research studies at the University of Huelva. These studies are carried out at the Castle and at the port of Palos in collaboration with the local authorities.

Cursos de Verano de la Universidad de Cádiz

Invitamos a ponentes para que cuenten su experiencia en los Cursos de Verano que imparte la Universidad de Cádiz, en San Roque. Colaboramos con su organización y ofrecemos nuestras instalaciones para las ponencias.

Diffusion Plein Sud Work in Canada

We collaborate with the nonprofit organization Diffusions Plein Sud in Canada to promote professional performances by national and international artists. Twenty shows are presented covering music such as blues, jazz or classical music.

Plastic Arts Biennial, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We support this biennial event organized by the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that is oriented to all types of art from painting, sculpture, photography, creative ceramics, multimedia and new technologies.

Collaboration with the University of Distance Education

We help the University in Algeciras (Cádiz) to develop their conference series called ‘UNED and the Word’.

Collaboration with the Municipal Cultural Foundation of Moguer (Huelva)

We collaborate with the environmental and cultural promotion and development of learning programs on the heritage of Moguer.

Musée des Religions du monde in Canada (Museum of World Religions)

This museum is unique in North America and presents the universe of religious rites and their history, and enriches human nature by examining the similarities and differences among the five major world religions.

Cine+Food project

We take part in this cinema and film project in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, which brings together culture, international film and food from different countries over a week.