Fundación Cepsa Chair with the Higher Technical School of the University of Seville

Constituted in 2009, the Chair focuses its activity on the University of Seville's Higher Technical School of Engineering, which Cepsa has long been collaborating successfully with, almost since the establishment of the University.

The main goal of the Fundación Cepsa Chair is to foster a living bond between the teaching and research work that goes on at the School and the reality of the energy sector's industrial fabric. To fulfill that goal, the Chair organizes an array of training, research, technological development and technical study activities linked to improving environmental quality, production process sustainability and use of fuel.

Behind it is a specialist human team created from the collaboration between the School's teaching professionals and qualified technicians from Cepsa production centers. Directing the Chair is Benito Navarrete, a lecturer in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the School.
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