Fundación Cepsa Chair with the University of Huelva

This Chair was created in November 2003. Cepsa and the University of Huelva (UHU) already had a long and successful history of mutual support from their early beginnings, having signed their first convention in 1997.

The work of the Fundación Cepsa - University of Huelva Chair focuses on training and research, fostering the exchange of knowledge among professionals from both institutions in the scientific and technological fields that are directly linked to the Company's activity, as well as opening a gateway for the university community to employability, leadership, entrepreneurship and value creation.

Professor Inés Garbayo Norés is in charge of the management of the Chair. In compliance with the University of Huelva's Regulations on External Chairs, in addition to the coordinator, the Chair Committee comprises two representatives from the UHU and two from Fundación Cepsa.

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