39 candidates for Cepsa Social Value Awards in Gibraltar 2017

09 Oct 2017

    • The winners will be announced in mid-November
    • The Fundación Cepsa will hand out up to 50,000 euros in the region
  1. This year, a total of 39 non-profit organizations from the Campo de Gibraltar area are competing for the XIII Social Value Awards, organized by the Fundacion Cepsa. The projects presented are supported by Cepsa employees in the area, who act as solidarity sponsors.

    In total, the Fundacion Cepsa has received 380 projects from all the areas in which it organizes the awards: Canary Islands, Campo de Gibraltar, Autonomous Community of Madrid, Huelva province, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil.

  2. The jury will meet in November to assess the different projects and select the winners, as well as the two projects by Campo de Gibraltar candidates for this year's ‘Special Employee Prize ́.

  3. The aim of the Awards is to recognize and promote social initiatives that foster the inclusion and well-being of disadvantaged groups or individuals, as well as to promote these values among Cepsa professionals, who will be sponsors, and introduce entities interested in participating in these Awards. The prize money for the Campo de Gibraltar Awards is up to 50,000 euros.

  4. In total, up to 400,000 euros will be distributed among the best social projects presented in all areas.

  5. Special Employee Prize

    Since 2012, as part of the Social Value Awards, the Company included the ‘Special Employee Prize’ in the competition as an additional prize awarded by Cepsa Group employees themselves. Cepsa's professionals will choose three winning projects from the twelve projects selected by the different juries from Spain, Colombia, Brazil and Portugal. The winners will be announced in mid- December.

    For more information: www.fundacioncepsa.com

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