ADSIS and Fundación Cepsa offer cooking classes to young, unemployed people at risk of exclusion

22 Sep 2017

  • The Fundación Cepsa and the Adsis Fundación have held a meeting to hear about the `Adsis Fusiona ́ project, winner of one of the Social Value Awards in 2016.


This program, which has been managed by Adsis for the last seven months, is aimed at exploring and identifying the needs of some of the large hotel and tourism companies in Gran Canaria, and to provide cooking training to a group of 12 young people from underprivileged communities, who have also been trained in other skills and social abilities demanded by the sector.

The course is intended for unemployed people under 30 years of age, living in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods on the outskirts of the capital of Gran Canaria or who have worked with social services (supervised flats, shelters...), with little or no basic academic training. The seven-month course gave them the opportunity to learn a profession which they would not normally have considered due to their vulnerable situation.

The director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, and the head of Fundación Cepsa in the Islands, Belén Machado, visited the headquarters of the entity in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to learn more about their work and the way in which the prize money has been used. The director of the Adsis Fundación, María Esther Gálvez, and the head of Communication of the entity, Cristina Pozo, told them about all the details of the winning project. In the words of María Esther Gálvez, “without this training, which they can use as a springboard, the young participants would probably not have had much of a chance of getting on in life. Winning the Fundación Cepsa Social Value Award has allowed AFA to `rescue ́ them, as they now have training, employability skills and, in short, the opportunity to improve their lives”.

During the visit, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo said that the `Adsis Fusiona ́ project “has entailed a firm commitment to the participants, to take them outside their daily habitat and show them a path for the future, while for the community at large this is an opportunity to meet these future professionals, some of whom have already found a job”.

Adsis Fusiona has also forged lasting ties with large companies in the tourism sector, liaising with human resources so that most of the young people trained will be able to find a foothold in the job market. In fact, a young student who took the course has already been recruited by a hotel.

Fundación Cepsa is committed to accompanying the entities that are awarded the Social Value Awards every year, to get to know in situ the activity they carry out and to show them their support.

Candidates can apply for the 2017 Social Value awards until 5 October. Read about terms and conditions at

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