Fundación Cepsa invited artist Carmen Cólogan to participate in mural project

    • A new wall mural for the city on the corner of Viera y Clavijo Street and San Clemente Street
    • Also taking part in the work was wall mural painter, Ione Domínguez, who has already brought a splash of color to a wall in the district of El Toscall
  1. Fundación Cepsa has begun a new wall mural as part of its Sumérgete en Santa Cruz [Immerse yourself in Santa Cruz] project, which this time sees the Tenerife-born artist, Carmen Cólogan, decorating a wall over 10 meters high on the corner of Viera y Clavijo Street and San Clemente Street.

  2. A majestic banana tree is already taking shape in the mural, and forming part of her piece entitled Bosque de Islarios [Forest of the Islands] exhibited several months ago at the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) gallery. Sharply-defined, uniform shapes grouped in a minimalistic scene, and featuring the color indigo for which the renowned artist from La Laguna is known, offering a perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. Island, Sea, Blue and Tree: concepts that reflect her own experience of her native archipelago and contact, since she was a child, with some of its natural landmarks.

  3. To complete the piece, Carmen Cólogan worked with Ione Domínguez, also an artist from Tenerife with extensive experience of wall mural painting. Indeed, Domínguez was already involved in the Sumérgete en Santa Cruz project last year, producing a large piece in Santiago 20 Street.

    According to Carmen Cólogan: Islarios is an imaginary scene reflecting on a land, the island, and deciphering the enigma of island life through the banana tree. Islarios contains a symbolic biodiversity rich in values and ideals. A plant producing fruit that can be exported, exotic and unique, thus recreating the impossible journey to the blessed archipelago.

  4. This is Fundación Cepsa’s fourth work of the year in the Sumérgete en Santa Cruz project; a project that is well-established thanks to the 16 works dotted around the capital and with plans to create an itinerary of outdoor urban art throughout the city.

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