Cepsa volunteers have helped to create a sustainable garden for social purposes

17 Jun 2019

    • The aim of this initiative, launched by the Finca Berta Community Association, is to adapt the land so that it can be enjoyed by schools, families and social groups
    • The volunteers are taking part within the framework of the Voluntas program, created by Fundación Cepsa

A total of 11 Cepsa professionals have taken part in a corporate environmental volunteering activity in the municipality of La Orotava, to collaborate with the Finca Berta Social Association in the creation of a sustainable space which can later be used by educational centers, families and social groups. 

The promoters of this sustainable space say that `El Huerto de Berta´, as it is called, has been created to heighten people’s bonds with nature and agriculture, to share experiences, acquire knowledge and social values and learn collaborative skills through practice in the field.

Members of this Association also aim to promote responsible consumption of ecological and local products, which are beneficial for people's health and for the environment, and also encourage people to lead healthy, sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyles, and be respectful of nature and animals.

This initiative is part of the Voluntas program created by Fundación Cepsa. Cepsa professionals who volunteered went to the La Perdoma area in the municipality of La Orotava, where they learned how to make compost, planted various types of crops, endemic plants and aromatic species, and weeded, aerated and fertilized the soil to prepare it to be used for growing plants.

They also had the opportunity to share a day with their colleagues, learn about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and engage in healthy lifestyles.

The Voluntas program

Voluntas is Fundación Cepsa's corporate volunteer program, founded by Cepsa. Through its activities, volunteers have the opportunity to develop their solidarity concerns, putting part of their time, talent and energy into helping local communities.

So far, Cepsa's professionals have supported a host of different volunteer projects in the Islands in different areas, such as forest clearing and reforestation, beach cleaning, solidarity races, food collection, mural painting, etc.

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