Professor Francisco Trujillo, new director of the Fundación Cepsa UCA Chair

13 Jun 2018

      • Francisco Trujillo takes over from David Sales, who coordinated the Chair during 2017. His guidance has strengthened relations between the university and the company, and has m ade possible the adjustment of the Chair to Fundación Cepsa
      • The research around the industry and the environment, the dual University - Company training and the activities for student competency - based management will be the focus of the actions of the Chair in this new stage
  • The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the Universidad de Cádiz has a new director. Professor Francisco Trujillo takes on the challenge of promoting the Chair in this new phase within the newly created Fundación Cepsa. Its aims include promoting research projects about industry and the environment, strengthening collaborative teaching within the field of engineering, and developing actions for competency - based management and dissemination and disclosure in the industry.
  • Francisco Trujillo is an Industrial Technical Engineer in Chemical Processes and Installations by the EUITI of Algeciras, from the Universidad de Cádiz (1980), with a degree in Chemical Science by the UNED (1998) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering by the UCA (1996). Since 2001 he is a tenured university professor of Chemical Engineering at Universidad de Cádiz and has occupied different management roles at Universidad de Cádiz, as Director of the Faculty of Industrial Technical Engineering of Algeciras, of the Universidad de Cádiz (1992 - 1999), Director of the Higher Polytechnic School of Algeciras, of the Universidad de Cádiz (1999 - 2003), Vice Rector of the Bahía de Algeciras Campus of the Universidad de Cádiz (2003 - 2011), Director of the Straits University Lecture Room of the Unive rsidad de Cádiz (2001 - 2011) and Managing Director of the Fundación Campus Tecnológico de Algeciras (2007 - 2014). As regards research, he has a total of twelve research years (2015) recognized by CNEAI de Tecnologías de la Producción (National Comission for Evaluation and Accreditation of research activity), four supervised doctoral theses and 12 articles published in indexed journals.

  • His future work at the helm of the Fundación Cepsa Chair will be geared to promoting research actions that respond to real needs of the corporate world, to strengthening collaborative teaching and increasing knowledge about Company of students from the Polytechnic School of Algeciras, and to renewing the already existing programs of the Fundación Cepsa Chair at the Universidad de Cádiz.

    The Cepsa Chairs in Andalucia

    The relationship of Cepsa with universities is ongoing. The Cepsa Foundation - managed chairs at the Universities of Huelva, Seville and Cadiz grow thanks to the contributions and to the involvement of professional s from both organizations, in the improvement of training, innovation and research.

    The Cepsa Chairs in Andalucía have made it possible for thousands of students to enter the labor market and to bring university professors closer to the industrial reali ty in Andalucía. The exchange of technicians and professors brings about the professional enrichment of each of them and a significant subsequent contribution to their daily work. For all these reasons, today Cepsa is a great ally of universities in Anda lucia.

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