Fundación Cepsa and University of Cádiz award 2017 Chair Awards

    • The Fundación Cepsa Chair aims to promote and encourage training, research and technology transfer in the areas of energy, oil and the environment
    • The winning scientific works show outstanding innovation, technical excellence, relevance and applicability

  1. The Fundación Cepsa/University of Cadiz Mixed Committee has awarded the 2017 Fundación Cepsa Chair prizes. Since 2006, these prizes have recognized and promoted the best scientific works: articles, invention patents and utility models, and final works of university studies that contribute to innovation in the fields of energy, oil and the environment.

  2. This year the awards went to the projects of Xiaowei Chen, in the scientific article section; Juan Ramón Portela, in the invention patents and utility models category; and to Urko Gutiérrez and Ana Climent, in the university theses category. The prizes were created with the aim of encouraging technological innovation and its positive impact on society and the environment. The prize money amounts to a total of 3,000 euros.

  3. The expert committee decided to award these four projects the prizes for their innovation and originality, their scientific-technological approach, as well as for their relevance and applicability.

    The first project is a scientific article presented by Xiaowei Chen, PhD professor in the area of Inorganic Chemistry, which focuses on the use of catalysts to revalue and improve the catalytic activity of glycerol, a by-product of little value in obtaining biodiesel.

    The second project, presented by Juan Ramón Portera, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University, concerns an invention that can generate energy from treating industrial aqueous waste with a high concentration of organic matter. And the third prize went to Urko Gutiérrez, who holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering from the Higher Polytechnic School of Algeciras, for his work on optimizing the predictive strategy in the Refinery.

  4. Lastly, the Mixed Committee decided to award a runner-up prize to Ana Climent, who has a Master's degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency from EPSA, for her study of the feasibility of installing a divided wall 

    column in a refinery plant, with the aim of improving energy efficiency in this column.

    Fundación Cepsa Chair and University of Cadiz Awards

    Since its inception, the Fundación Cepsa Chair has focused on promoting and encouraging training, research, technology transfer and divulgation.
    The prizes are aimed at accelerating joint activities for the scientific-technical, cultural and economic development of the Campo de Gibraltar region, as well as at provincial and regional level.

    The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of Cadiz awards prizes for scientific articles, invention patents and utility models, and final papers from university studies that contribute to innovation in energy, oil and the environment.
    These awards were designed to encourage technological innovation and its positive impact on society, in areas where the University of Cadiz and Cepsa
    share a common interest. The prizes have total prize money of €3,000.

    The Fundación Cepsa Chair also wanted innovation to be a key part of the prizes awarded. These statuettes have been created using one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies: additive manufacturing: specifically, using the CJP process, which allows full-color 3D printing of flexible, robust and recyclable plastic parts. The University of Cadiz has an additive manufacturing division, which is available to researchers, companies and society as a whole

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