Five research papers have been awarded the 2018 Fundación Cepsa Cátedra Prize

19 Nov 2018

    • The aim of Fundación Cepsa Cátedra is to promote and incentivize education, research and the transfer of technology
    • The papers awarded stand out for their innovation, importance and applicability

Fundación Cepsa Cátedra’s mixed committee has awarded the 2018 Cátedra Prizes to Marta Ferreiro González, Francisco Sánchez de la Flor, Juan Jesús Martínez Domínguez, Enrique González Rivera, and María Nieves Fernández Zumaqero, all of whom are students at the University of Cadiz.

Fundación Cepsa Cátedra presents these annual awards in recognition of different research papers, theses, patents and publications linked to energy, petroleum and the environment. The committee of experts decided to reward these five projects for their innovation and originality, their scientific-technological approach, their importance and applicability.

In the category of scientific articles, the winning article was titled Characterization of petroleum-based products in water samples by HS-MS by Marta Ferreiro González, while in the invention patent and useful models section, the winner was Francisco Sánchez de la Flor for his work, Portable thermal transmittance measurement device using infrared radiation and procedure of use.

This year, the quality of the papers submitted led the mixed committee to recognize three submissions in the category of university theses. The following students were recognized for their work: Juan Jesús Martínez Domínguez for his thesis Application of fragmenting with energetic integration in the Sulpholane Unit of the Cepsa Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery; Enrique González Rivera, for his submission entitled Simulation and optimization of an average power organic rankine cycle (orc) (4 MW) for implementation in the crude unit i of the RGSR; and finally, María Nieves Fernández Zumaqero, for her work entitled Qualitative analysis of refinery furnace flames.

Since its inception in 2005, the Cátedra Prize’s activity has focused on promoting and incentivizing aspects linked to education, research, outreach and the transfer of knowledge. The relationship between the University of Cadiz and Cepsa dates back to the founding of the Algeciras University School of Technical Industrial Engineering, and gained momentum when the School became the Higher Polytechnic School in 1988. Since then, the two institutions have collaborated on numerous occasions, and have signed a wide range of specific agreements.

Cepsa partnerships in Andalusia

Cepsa is developing ever-closer relationships with universities. The partnerships sponsored by Fundación Cepsa at the Universities of Huelva, Seville and Cadiz are continuing to develop, thanks to the contribution and commitment to the improvement of training, innovation and research by professionals from both organizations.

In Andalusia, these initiatives have allowed thousands of students to gain first-hand experience of a real working environment, while bringing university lecturers closer to the reality of industry in the region. The exchange of technicians and professors has allowed both to hone their skills and bring their new expertise to bear on their daily work. All of this makes Cepsa a valuable supporter of universities in Andalusia.

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