Fundación Cepsa Social Value Awards donate over €350,000 to 35 initiatives

18 Dec 2018

    • The projects awarded in this edition will help to improve the quality of life of over 18,000 people
    • Cepsa employees collaborate as charitable sponsors with several initiatives and select three of the winning projects
    • Since 2005, these awards have made over 300 social projects a reality in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil

The 2018 Social Value Awards will contribute to promoting 35 charitable initiatives from various social entities in Campo de Gibraltar (Cadiz), Canary Islands, Community of Madrid, province of Huelva, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil, the locations where Cepsa has important operations and a close relationship with the community.

Fundación Cepsa will award over €350,000 euros among them, so that these projects can become a reality and in turn directly improve the inclusion and well-being of over 18,000 people.

Teresa Mañueco, Director of Fundación Cepsa, said: "Since they started in 2005 in Huelva, the Social Value Awards have consolidated further each year. This year we have had 390 high quality projects, with strong foundations and very clear objectives. We are very pleased that this initiative has become a benchmark, is driven by Cepsa's employees, and has the trust of so many entities.”

The Social Value Awards are the main social action initiative of Fundación Cepsa. Since the first edition in 2005, over €2.5 million have been awarded making 307 initiatives a reality.

The groups benefiting from these Awards are very diverse: sick individuals, the elderly, immigrants, ethnic minorities, youth and teens, disabled people, and more.

Winning entities in 2018

In Madrid, the winning entities were the following foundations: Down’s Syndrome Madrid, Tomillo, Menudos Corazones and Esperanza y Alegría.

In Huelva, the projects awarded were from the Olot Anti-drug Association (AOCD), Huelva Association for Educational, Social and Labor Normalization (AONES), Huelva Food Bank, and the National Association for Scientific Education for Hospitalized Children.

In Campo de Gibraltar, the awards went to the Amaranta Solidarity Foundation, Barreña La Montera Association for the Disabled, Regional Anti Alternative Drug Addiction Coordinator, Caritas Diocese and the Barrio Vivo Coordinator in the Fight against Drug Addiction.

In the Canary Islands, the winning entities were the San Juan de Dios Hospital, the Association of Relatives and Caregivers for Alzheimer’s Patients and other Dementias in Tenerife, Theodora Foundation and the Sofía Association.

In Colombia, the award winners were the foundations of Buena Semilla, Granitos de Paz, Corporation for Sustainable Development of Small Rural Farmers (CORPBA), Sueños de Amor y Esperanza, Chamuel La Victoria del Amor and Amigos de la Mar.

In Portugal, the winning associations were Aid Bank for Newborns in the Algarve and Friends of Children with Mental Disabilities (AAPACDM), Piaget Agency for Development (APDES) and the Jesuit Refugee Service - Humanitarian Association.

In Brazil, the Bahia Institute for the Blind, Álvaro Bahia League against Infant Mortality, Support Group for Children with Cancer and the Zilda Aranha Center for Community and Philanthropic Action were the winners of this edition.

In addition to promoting these awards as charitable sponsors by evaluating each one of the projects, Cepsa employees also participated in selecting the winning projects for the Special Employee Award. The award winners this year were the ALDIS Association to Prevent and Cure Children’s Diseases of the Canary Islands, the Huelva Association of Asperger’s Disease and the Huelva Spectrum of Autism Disorders, and the Apae Salvador of Brazil Association. Fundación Cepsa will distribute €33,000 to these projects.

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