Fundación Cepsa and Santa Cruz City Council promote a program of environment-related actions

16 May 2019

    • Around 6,000 people, including schoolchildren, families and other users, will benefit from the initiatives run by the Fundación Santa Cruz Sostenible

Fundación Cepsa and the Fundación Santa Cruz Sostenible have signed a new partnership to organize a number of environment-related actions in the municipality through fostering volunteering and projects with local schools. Around 6,000 people will benefit from this initiative, including students, their families and other users.

The agreement was signed by the mayor of the capital and president of the Fundación Santa Cruz Sostenible, José Manuel Bermúdez, and the director of Cepsa and representative of the Fundación Cepsa in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo. It defines, for the fifth consecutive year, the framework for carrying out a set of actions planned for 2019.

These include support for programs such as "Kids’ vegetable patches, for a healthy diet”, “World Environment Day”, “Anaga on foot”, “Volunteers for the sea”, “Anaga Solidarity Trail”, “Intergenerational visits to Palmetum” and other environmental education actions related to the defense and conservation of the oceans. It also contains initiatives for pollution prevention on the municipality's coastline.

Fernández-Sabugo reaffirmed “our foundation’s permanent commitment to work with Santa Cruz” and stressed that the agreement “calls for the voluntary participation of Cepsa personnel in any activities they wish”.

Bermúdez, for his part, gave thanks for the support of the Fundación Cepsa in promoting and spreading environmental values “through different projects that encompass a wide spectrum of the population, from schoolchildren to retirees, always seeking to foster actions related to knowledge, improvement, and attainment of healthy living habits and respect for the natural environment around us”.

World Environment Day, which has been set for June 5, will consist of a fair with workshops and activities oriented towards schoolchildren but open to the general public.

The project “Kids’ vegetable patches, for a healthy diet' is aimed at primary schools, with the participation of students between the ages of 7 and 9. The initiative seeks to promote knowledge of biodiversity and the life cycle among children, thereby trying to generate environmental awareness while learning basic concepts of ecological agriculture.

The 'Anaga on foot' program consists of guided treks through the Anaga Massif Biosphere Reserve, which is recognized worldwide by UNESCO.

The 'Volunteers for the sea' will clean up waste on the municipality's coastline and will inform participants of the value of our beaches and the importance of their collaboration in maintaining and conserving them.

The last weekend of the year will be devoted to the 'Anaga Solidarity Trail’ mountain race, which aims to collect toys for children in need in the municipality, while promoting sports in nature and healthy habits by traversing the paths of Anaga.

During the Christmas school holidays, except on December 25 and January 1, intergenerational guided tours of the Palmetum Botanical Garden will be held.

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