Fundación Cepsa collaborates once more with the Spanish Association Against Cancer

24 Oct 2018

    • Cepsa employees and its Foundation has donated €12,000 to contribute to the fight against cancer
    • Fundación Cepsa works with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) on various projects, involving Cepsa professionals

Cepsa professionals, together with Fundación Cepsa, have donated €12,000 to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) to contribute to the charity’s work. The delivery of this donation took place in the Espacio Activo Contra el Cáncer.

‘Regala Vida’ is one of the projects being developed in this space. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the emotional impact caused by the aftermath of this disease, providing different resources to cope with treatment in the best possible way. Fundación Cepsa has contributed to this program by donating €12,000: threefold the amount collected by Cepsa professionals (€3,000) during a fundraising drive promoted by the Foundation at Cepsa Tower, Cepsa’s corporate headquarters in Madrid.

During the visit, Belén Candenas, Executive Director of Fundación Cepsa, highlighted the invaluable work that this Association does, pointing out that: “we have a long-term commitment with the Spanish Association Against Cancer, not only working with them at the Fundación Cepsa level, but also getting Cepsa professionals directly involved, promoting awareness about the disease and enabling their participation in various projects organized by AECC”.

Fundación Cepsa also supports other projects such as the Mindfulness program for cancer patients, whose aim is to contribute to improving their quality of life and emotional adjustment; or laboratory practices for students in bio-health areas of study, aimed at motivating their scientific vocation through participation in research projects.

The commitment of the Cepsa Foundation, as well as that of the company's employees to the AECC, is also reflected in their participation in the solidarity marches organised by the entity in different Spanish localities.

The AECC regularly offers talks on cancer prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits to Cepsa's professionals as part of its ‘Your health first’ program.

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Belén Candenas, Operational Director of Fundación Cepsa with a representative of the AECC
  • Belén Candenas, Operational Director of Fundación Cepsa with a representative of the AECC