Fundación Cepsa presents the Social Value Awards in Madrid

31 Jan 2018

    • 85 projects from Madrid participated in the 2017 edition
    • The Spanish Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, La Torre de Hortaleza Foundation, Altius Francisco de Vitoria Foundation and the Children's Oncological Association of Madrid won this year
    • More than 600 people in the Madrid region will benefit from these projects

Fundación Cepsa presented its Social Value Awards to four social entities in the region today. The annual awards, now in their thirteenth edition, aim to recognize the work carried out by organizations and groups that promote inclusion and social welfare.

This year, the initiatives selected by the local jury that assess projects are focused on encouraging the inclusion of children and young people at risk of social exclusion, improving the quality of life of patients with lateral sclerosis, and providing help to families of children with cancer.

The event was attended by the President of Fundación Cepsa, Pedro Miró, its Director-General, Teresa Mañueco and the Vice Counselor of Social Policies and Family of the Community of Madrid, Belén Prado, as well as members of the jury, the patronage of Fundación Cepsa, representatives of the winning entities and Cepsa professionals, who sponsor these projects.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Pedro Miró said: "On behalf of Fundación Cepsa, we want to recognize the initiative, work and creativity of these entities. We hope that the Social Value Awards we present today will provide them with the drive they need to carry out their projects."

Meanwhile, Belén Prado, said: "The Social Value Awards are a reference point in the recognition of the invaluable work of society to achieve a more integrated and close society, a society that counts on everyone’s contribution and that works with determination to help those most in need.”

In the 2017 edition, 85 projects in Madrid were presented and four of them won, which will receive a total financial support of €48,000. They are the following:
La Torre de Hortaleza Association. A project aimed at improving the quality of life of children at risk of social exclusion through comprehensive attention focused on education, play and health. In order to do this, it will create protected and inclusive spaces in which these children can develop sports, educational and family activities.

Altius Francisco de Vitoria Foundation will implement a social inclusion project geared towards young people at risk of social exclusion, focusing on the acquisition of skills and abilities for employment and specific training in hotel and catering.

Spanish Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association will launch an initiative to offer alternative therapies to ALS patients, with the aim of enabling patients of this degenerative disease to maintain their autonomy and quality of life for as long as possible.

Children's Oncological Association of Madrid will offer psychosocial support and accommodation together with hospitals for children with cancer, so that they can attend to these children under the best possible conditions.

The Awards delivered today in Madrid are part of a global initiative that Fundación Cepsa holds annually in Spain (Huelva, Campo de Gibraltar, Canary Islands and Madrid), Portugal, Colombia and Brazil. In this edition, the Social Value Awards have distributed €360,000 among 38 entities. All of these initiatives have had the support of 400 Cepsa professionals, who are the sponsors of the projects and who choose three of the winners.

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