Fundación Cepsa renews commitment to training in technology and values offered by TLP Tenerife

    • The commitment to volunteer work and the training actions of TLP Kids and TLP Innova are the main focal points of Fundación Cepsa's collaboration in the event
    • The council member of the Cabildo de Tenerife in charge of the Tenerife 2030 area, Antonio García Marichal, presided over the signing of the collaboration agreement with Innova7

Fundación Cepsa renews its commitment to the country's biggest festival dedicated to technology and new trends, TLP Tenerife 2018. The director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo, on behalf of Fundación Cepsa, and the director of TLP Tenerife 2018, Marcelino Concepción, signed the cooperation agreement between the two entities, in an encounter at the Cabildo de Tenerife's Tenerife 2030 area, where they were received by the council member Antonio García Marichal.

For the fourth consecutive year, Fundación Cepsa is supporting the work carried out by TLP Tenerife with its almost 300 volunteers, who are trained in technological volunteering while at the same time committing to the organization's values to promote companionship, teamwork and collaborative learning, which are the hallmarks of TLP Tenerife and the Innova 7 association.

Fundación Cepsa will also become involved once again in the robotics and innovation training activities carried out by TLP Kids. This initiative focuses mainly on promoting the good use of technologies among children, and giving tools to their parents and tutors so that they can accompany them in their growth and education, in a world in which the digital environment spans everything from leisure to learning.

Through the agreement, Fundación Cepsa will also continue to support the training actions of TLP Innova, which is the most professional side of TLP Tenerife 2018.

The director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo, stressed that "all the entities involved share the support for scientific and technological vocations and the interest in promoting training among young people that is not only curricular, always essential, but also in terms of skills and abilities. And TLP Tenerife is an expert in this because its volunteers learn about values and about teamwork, as well as forming part of large organizations.”

The director of TLP Tenerife, Marce Concepción, explained that TLP Tenerife is the ideal setting for learning while having fun, because the goal is a long-term one: "At TLP, we want both our volunteers and our participants to acquire values and skills that will help them choose their professional future around new professions, and even those that do not yet have a name but will undoubtedly revolve around technology and creativity."

For his part, the director of the Tenerife 2030 area pointed out that "TLP Tenerife represents the objectives and values of the Cabildo de Tenerife with a view to promoting the knowledge-based economy on our island. We are acutely aware that our young people enjoy participating in it, but we already have many examples of participants, volunteers or staff who began their passion for technology in TLP Tenerife and who today are working in major local and international tech companies.”

TLP Tenerife 2018 will take place at the Tenerife Exhibition Center and the Adán Martín Auditorium from July 17th to 22nd. It is organized by Innova7 and the Cabildo de Tenerife, through the Tenerife 2030 area and Intech Tenerife.

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