Fundación Cepsa visits the winners of the Social Value Awards running programs to help young people

11 Jul 2019

    • Alternative projects in La Línea and Barrio Vivo in Algeciras work with children and teenagers at risk of social exclusion
    • A new round of Social Value Awards will open in September

Fundación Cepsa has seen first-hand how the winning projects from the latest round of Social Value Awards are progressing. These first visits focus on educational support and on the launch of leisure projects for young people at risk of social exclusion.

One of the winning organizations in the 2018 competition was the anti-drug coordination scheme, Alternativa, which has set up a play scheme in the deprived neighborhood of Los Junquillos in La Línea, aimed at helping children at risk of social exclusion. Thanks to the contribution of Fundación Cepsa through the Social Value Awards, around fifty children between the ages of 4 and 13 have had somewhere to go at the end of the school day during the academic year. Here, they have been able to build friendships and confidence, while enjoying healthy lesiure time, including sports and recycling workshops, as well as tree planting. 

For its part, Barrio Vivo visited the installations of the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery with the young people participating in its Impulsa program, a Social Value Awards winner. Thanks to this program, the Algeciras organization is not only combatting the problem of youngsters dropping out of school, but is also working to encourage them to continue their education beyond Secondary level. Barrio Vivo with participants in the Impulsa program at Cepsa, San Roque, where they toured the facility and learned about what happens in the Refinery.

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Children in an activity at the play scheme
  • Children in an activity at the play scheme