Six Campo de Gibraltar organizations receive Social Value Awards from Fundación Cepsa

13 Nov 2017

    • Nuevo Hogar Betania, Coordinadora Despierta, Barrio Vivo, Fundación Santa María Polo, Asociación de Enfermos de Alzheimer de Algeciras and Asociación Española contra el cáncer were proclaimed winners of this edition of the competition
    • The jury was chaired by Ángel Gavino, deputy councillor of the regional government of Andalusia in Campo de Gibraltar

The jury of Fundación Cepsa’s Social Value Awards in Campo de Gibraltar has chosen projects submitted by Fundación Santa María Polo de San Roque; Nuevo Hogar Betania and Coordinadora Despierta de La Línea; Barrio Vivo, Asociación Española contra el Cáncer [Spanish Cancer Association], and Asociación de Enfermos de Alzheimer de Algeciras [Algeciras Alzheimer’s Association] as winners of the 2017 edition of this charity competition.

Ángel Gavino, deputy councillor of the regional government of Andalusia in Campo de Gibraltar; Juana Cid, vice president of the district’s Union of Municipalities; Pepi Recio, representative of the Neighbors of Cepsa Association representing the areas around San Roque; Javier Martínez, president of the Campo de Gibraltar Press Association; and the directors of Cepsa’s chemical plant in San Roque and its refinery, Agustín Bonilla and Miguel Pérez de la Blanca. They all evaluated the 39 initiatives entered in the competition.

Jury chairman, Ángel Gavino, applauded the organizations for taking part in the awards, which are growing year after year since they were first launched, and encouraged them to continue their hard work.

Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery director, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca, and Agustín Bonilla, operations director for Cepsa Chemicals, thanked all the members of the jury for their time and dedication. “They bring their experience and knowledge to help us choose the winning projects,” they emphasized. They also thanked staff – the charity sponsors that foster ties between the charity projects in the district and the company through these awards.

Winning projects

Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, Junta Local de Algeciras will be able to replace fixtures, fittings and furniture at its guest house for cancer patients traveling to Algeciras for treatment who need a place to stay. Asociación de Familiares de Enfermos de Alzheimer y Senil (AFA) de Algeciras will be able to run cognitive stimulation sessions for patients after using its winnings to buy a number of tablet computers.
Coordinadora de lucha contra las drogodependencias “Barrio Vivo” de Algeciras will run the Mi Barrio crece con música [My neighborhood grows with music] program to help young people and families gain a foothold in society through music as a tool for developing transversal skills. Coordinadora “Despierta” will be able to fit out its kitchen and dining room, showers, laundry and wardrobes to offer better care to the homeless and help them meet their basic needs.

Fundación Santa María Polo de San Roque will be able to launch the project Cabalgando hacía el futuro [Riding into the future] to train eight people on the autistic spectrum to work at horse riding centers. Meanwhile, Nuevo Hogar Betania de La Línea will be able to offer after-school care to children from low income families in the most needy areas of La Línea.

Employees’ Special Award
The jury also put forward two other projects as candidates for the Employees’ Special Award; these being the projects entered by Asociación de Enfermos de Parkinson [an association supporting Parkinson’s sufferers] and FEGADI [which helps people with physical or mental disabilities].

Cepsa staff will choose three winners from among the 14 candidates for this award (two for each area in which the awards are held in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Colombia), which will share a pot of €30,000 to get their initiatives off the ground.

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