Martín Alonso Pinzón House Museum opens new Fundación Cepsa room

23 Jan 2018

        · The new space will be used to host events, conferences or meetings within the general program of the Museum House

        · Thanks to the agreement between the Fundación Cepsa and the local Council of Palos, the room, with 15th century decorations like the other parts of the Museum House, has been fully equipped to be used as a multi-purpose space

  1. This weekend, the Palos Town Hall and the Fundación Cepsa inaugurated the new conference room of the Martín Alonso Pinzón Museum House. Thanks to the agreement signed by the two institutions, this space, decorated in fifteenth century style like the rest of the Museum House, has been adapted and equipped to host conferences, conferences or meetings to disseminate the culture of the Discovery of America and to offer visitors multimedia content about the town.

La Casa Museo Martín Alonso Pinzón inaugura su nueva Sala Fundación Cepsa

  1. The renovation of Fundación Cepsa Room, which is the former cellar of the historic House where the Pinzón brothers lived, forms part of the global adaptation project that the Palos Town Hall has undertaken in the house to mark the 525th Anniversary of the Discovery of America. New museum content has been added and spaces reserved for temporary and permanent exhibitions have been adapted.

    The Fundación Cepsa Room was officially opened with a lecture on Gonzalo Guerrero, who came from Palos and who was a famous example of Hispano- American Mestizaje, by the professor of Spanish Language and Literature Jose María Gómez Gomez. This lecture also commemorated the flight of the Plus Ultra hydroplane. The event was attended by the mayor of Palos, Carmelo Romero, and by the head of the Fundación Cepsa in Huelva, José Antonio Agüera.


  1. During his speech, Carmelo Romero thanked the Fundación Cepsa for its important work in the social, sports and cultural arenas over the years which has helped the municipality to develop.

    José Antonio Agüera stressed that the Fundación Cepsa attached great importance to promoting the art, heritage and culture of Palos for locals and tourists who visit the municipality, allowing them to find out about the history of the town. He also underscored the link between Cepsa and Palos de la


Frontera, and thanked the local council for giving it the opportunity to work toward improving the communities in Palos.

Fundación Cepsa

Tel: (34) 959 37 95 48 / 659 679 341

La Casa Museo Martín Alonso Pinzón inaugura su nueva Sala Fundación Cepsa La Casa Museo Martín Alonso Pinzón inaugura su nueva Sala Fundación Cepsa  (pdf;  552,20 KB)

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