Fundación Cepsa Works with Diverciencia

    • Diverciencia was set up in 2006 and from the outset was sponsored by the Fundación Cepsa
    • This year, the Diverciencia Street Science Workshops will take place in April, in Algeciras
    • This year, 31 educational centers and institutions from the Campo de Gibraltar and the surrounding area will be taking part

  1. The Fundación Cepsa has once again collaborated with Diverciencia - Science in the Street Workshops that will take place in April in the Plaza Alta in Algeciras (Cádiz).

    Diverciencia is led by a group of teachers who aim to make learning science fun and, since its first edition, it has been sponsored by the Fundación Cepsa.

  2. Many different types of educational centers and entities, 31 in total, from the Campo de Gibraltar and from outside it, will take part in this event. Diverciencia uses a very innovative approach to enable young high school students to gain experience of the scientific world.

    Pupils learn both in the process of developing their projects and later, showing their commitment to their scientific projects, by sharing them with the public, in stands on the Plaza Alta in Algeciras. They personally tell the public about their projects.

  3. In the words of Ana Villasescusa, president of Diverciencia, “the collaboration of the Fundación Cepsa is essential for the smooth running of this project, which is much more than a Science Fair and which has scientific dissemination activities throughout the school year; from workshops for nursery and primary school children, to research grants at the University for students participating in Diverciencia”.

  4. The director of the refinery, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca, congratulated Ana Villaescusa for the award Diverciencia received last February on Andalusia Day and encouraged her to continue introducing hundreds of pupils from Campo de Gibraltar to the world of science. “We have always believed in the project that Ana Villaescusa presented to us as in its infancy in 2006. The Fundación Cepsa is proud to see Diverciencia grow and to see how excited young people are about science when they take part in the project each year,” said Miguel Pérez de la Blanca.

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