Fundación Cepsa supports youth Canarian wrestling tournament in Tenerife

11 May 2017

Fundación Cepsa and the Canarian Wrestling Island Federation have signed a partnership agreement to organize and host the tournament for U10s and U8s teams on Tenerife.

The competition aims to attract all the island’s teams in the aforementioned junior categories, made up of children aged between six and 10. Up to 15 teams could take part comprising some 150 wrestlers.

The tournament is a new event for the current Canarian Wrestling Island Federation’s Management Board, whose primary goal is to promote wrestling among these age groups and encourage youngsters to continue practicing the sport.

For Cepsa’s Canary Islands director, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo, who signed the agreement on behalf of Fundación Cepsa, this partnership “is an honor and practically an obligation because promoting sports participation especially among children, is one of the objectives of our company, which has always had close ties with Canarian wrestling. We have supported the sport since the beginning and some of our staff have even been involved as wrestlers.

“Furthermore, since this form of wrestling is unique to the Canary Islands, we are not only contributing to promoting the benefits of all sport but also encouraging participation in what is the only discipline of its kind anywhere in the world; a sport that dates back to the beginning of the 15th century and is representative of the Canary Islands’ culture and history,he added.

Meanwhile, the president of the Canarian Wrestling Island Federation, Jeremías Hernández, said: “We are proud that a company of such prestige and importance as Cepsa is partnering on this project and is actively involved, through its foundation, in the policy to promote and grow our sport from the very youngest upwards, laying the foundations for Canarian wrestling’s future on Tenerife and nurturing the next generation of wrestlers.

The Island Federation’s goal is to hold the tournament at the end of the school year once the Tenerife School Games have taken place, and turn it into an established annual event if organizations such as Fundación Cepsa continue to get involved and back this attractive and exciting project.

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