Fundación Cepsa donates fuel cards to Campo de Gibraltar food bank

20 Feb 2018

    • The cards can be used to buy 1,000 liters of fuel for the vehicles used by the organization in its charity work
    • Cepsa volunteers and their families took part in the Big Food Bank Collection held by the charity in November

Fundación Cepsa in San Roque has donated fuel cards to the Campo de Gibraltar Food Bank to buy 1,000 liters of fuel for the vehicles it uses to carry out its charity work.

Fundación Cepsa’s representative in San Roque, Amalia Puigdengolas, presented the cards to the Food bank’s president, José Serrano, who took the opportunity to tell her about the Food Bank’s activities in the district last year, which involved distributing over a million and a half kilos of food to low-income families in Campo de Gibraltar.

This donation from Fundación Cepsa was part of the charity campaign to collect food held last November by the Spanish Food Banks, which Cepsa staff and their families in Spain were involved in through the Corporate Volunteering Program. Through its foundation, Cepsa wanted to acknowledge the charitable work of its staff and decided to donate a liter of fuel for every volunteer involved in the initiative.

Fundación Cepsa helps organize the food collection campaigns run in the district. Furthermore, two charity food bank projects in Campo de Gibraltar were handed Social Value Awards by the foundation in 2009 and 2012. These awards are handed out annually to raise awareness of and provide funding to initiatives run by organizations and groups working to enhance the well-being and social inclusion of people in Campo de Gibraltar.

Fundación Cepsa’s social action
Fundación Cepsa is in charge of channeling the company's social action in the shape of activities focused on the social needs of the communities and towns where Cepsa carries out its activities. The Social Value Awards are one of its most well-known annual activities, supporting the charitable work of projects in Spain and abroad through donations of more than €350,000

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