Fundación Cepsa presents 12th Social Value Awards in Huelva

17 Jan 2018

  •         · The seven winning associations, championed by their charity sponsors, collected their trophies this morning
  •         · Fundación Cepsa has handed out over €61,000 in Huelva this year
    1. Fundación Cepsa’s Social Value Awards ceremony was held in Huelva this morning. The event was attended by University of Huelva rector, Francisco Ruiz; the Andalusia regional government’s area councillor for Equality, Health and Social Policies in Huelva, Rafael López; the deputy public ombudsman of Andalusia, Juana Pérez; general secretary of the Federation of Industry, Construction and Farming (UGT-FICA), Luciano Gómez; and Fundación Cepsa’s representative in Huelva, Jose Antonio Agüera.

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    1. The 2016 winners of these charity awards Asociación Afán de lucha por los enfermos de Alzheimer “Caminar” [an association that supports people with Alzheimer’s disease], Asociación Virgen del Carmen (which runs the San Antonio Abad elderly care home), Fundación Centro Español de Solidaridad “Proyecto Hombre”, Asociación de Padres y Protectores de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual ASPAPRONIAS [an association providing help to parents and carers of people with intellectual disabilities], Huelva Acoge [which offers help to immigrants], and Asociación Onubense para la Normalización Educativa Social y Laboral (AONES) [an association in Huelva that helps people integrate into society and the workplace] were able to collect their trophies after their projects were selected by the jury at a meeting last November. Asociación de Familiares y Allegados de Personas con Enfermedad Mental de Huelva y su provincia [an association supporting close family members and other relatives of people with a mental illness] also received the Employees’ Special Award given by Cepsa staff who decided on three projects worthy of this extra award from among 14 finalists in the areas where the awards are held. The other two winners of the Employees’ Special Award were associations in the Canary Islands and Colombia.

      During his speech, the Andalusia regional government’s area councillor for Equality, Health and Social Policies in Huelva, Rafael López, highlighted the importance of these awards for the province, which are enabling many associations to bring their projects to fruition. In this regard, he sees Cepsa as an example to be followed in the area of corporate social responsibility.

      José Antonio Agüera had words of thanks for the associations, jury and charity sponsors, and emphasized the Social Value Awards’ special place among the initiatives run by Fundación Cepsa, having become its flagship project.

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  • Winning associations and projects

    The project run by Afán de lucha por los enfermos de Alzheimer “Caminar” from Bollullos Par del Condado works on the conversational and communication skills of Alzheimer’s patients to slow the advance of the disease through seven psycho-stimulation activities.

    Asociación Virgen del Carmen will use its prize money to buy a call button system for the San Antonio Abad elderly care home in Trigueros. The system will give visual and acoustic signals of calls made from around the center and offers two-way communication between each interphone and the nurses’ station.

    Another pot of money will go to creating a communal space at the ASPAPRONIAS’ headquarters where users will be able to meet, have fun and relax outside the centers’ normal opening hours.

    Proyecto Hombre, meanwhile, will be able to buy a vehicle to provide safe and efficient transport to the center and individuals undergoing treatment for drug addiction for use in their everyday activities (doctor’s appointments, dealing with paperwork, etc.) and other types of cultural and recreational activities. Huelva Acoge will forge ahead with the second phase of the project started last year to improve the lives of extremely vulnerable immigrant women and families in Huelva province.

    After three years of work, AONES will finish building its new center, which has been designed to help people with intellectual disabilities become more self- sufficient at any stage of their lives. The Fundación Cepsa prize money will be used to buy specific furniture, early sensory stimulation equipment, psycho- educational materials, air-conditioning and basic telecommunications systems. Lastly, Asociación de Familiares y Allegados de Personas con Enfermedad Mental de Huelva y su provincia (Employees’ Special Award) earmarked its winnings for the project Cuidando al que cuida [Caring for carers], which will provide information, support, advice and training to people suffering from a mental illness and their relatives in Huelva to enhance the quality of their lives.

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