Fundación Cepsa awards prizes to 19 pupils from schools in Campo de Gibraltar

02 Jun 2017

    • Energy Notebooks is an education program in which more than 240 students from eight schools from the region have taken part
    • In February, the Madrevieja Environmental Station was the focus of environmental education workshops for the celebration of World Wetlands Day.

The Fundación Cepsa has chosen the winning works from its Energy Notebooks and World Wetlands Day school programs, recognizing the talent of 19 school children from the region. From among a total of more than 25 projects, the jury selected 200 drawings and photographs, highly original and creative works that reflect different aspects of the world of energy and wetlands.

Rafael Segura from La Inmaculada School in Algeciras; Alba Martínez, from the same school and Adrián Rodríguez from Antonio Machado Secondary School in La Línea were the winners of the second edition of the Energy Notebooks, in the individual section. And Blanca Gavira, Palma Muñoz, Laura Velera, Mª Carmen Gutiérrez, Nerea Muñoz, Blanca Gonzalo and Rocío Coder, all from La Inmaculada school in Algeciras, were the winners in the collective section.

The winning projects considered a number of different subjects, and showed, for example, how water was processed in a refinery, flares, the use of petroleum products in our daily lives, storage tanks, etc.

The winners of the World Wetlands Day training program were, in the drawing category, Alberto Gómez de Barrera from the San Bernardo Primary School in Algeciras; Paula Pecino from the Santa Rita Primary School of San Roque; Daura Hormigo from the Alfonso XI Primary School in Algeciras, Lucía Rubiño from the Adalides Primary School in Algeciras and Rocío Simeón from the La Inmaculada Primary School of La Línea; and in the photography section, Laura Ferrón, from San Bernardo Primary School in Algeciras; Juan Carlos Gasking, from the Isabel La Católica Primary School in La Línea; Ainara García, from the Sagrado Corazón Primary School in San Roque; Ivone Celis, from Colegio de Taraguilla and Francisco Martin, from the San Bernardo Primary School in Algeciras.

The jury for Cepsa's Wetlands Notebooks and World Wetlands Day school programs was made up of Ángel Gavino, sub-delegate of the Government of Andalusia in Campo de Gibraltar, and Marina García, vice-president of the Association of Municipalities in the area of culture and education; the director of the refinery and representative of the Fundación Cepsa in San Roque, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca; the head of Environmental Protection of Cepsa in San Roque, Jesús Mota, and the journalist and coordinator of the programs, David Alarcón.

Energy Notebooks, an educational program aimed at students from the 2nd year of Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Educational Cycles, is focused on the learning of subjects related to the world of energy, oil and petrochemicals, via a web platform. This program is supplemented with a day at the Cepsa installations in San Roque, where students assimilate what has been covered in class with a guided visit around the production area and the nature space of Madrevieja Environmental Station. In this edition a total of 240 students from eight centers in the region have taken part.

The ‘World Wetlands Day’ education program, like the previous program, organized by the Fundación Cepsa, is aimed at Primary School students, coinciding with the actual day itself. Throughout the month of February students go to Madrevieja Environmental Station, a protected wetlands area, to find out more about the value and importance of this kind of natural space.

‘Energy Notebooks' Prize Winners.

1st Prize. Topic: Water treatment. By Blanca Gavira and Palma Muñoz from La Inmaculada School in Algeciras.
2nd Prize. Topic: Flares. By Laura Velera and Mª Carmen Gutiérrez from La Inmaculada School.
3rd Prize. Topic: Oil in the city. By Nerea Muñoz, Blanca Gonzalo and Rocío Coder, from La Inmaculada School.

1st Prize. Topic: Plan of the refinery. By Rafael Segura from La Inmaculada School.
2nd Prize. Topic: Storage Tanks. By Alba Martínez, from La Inmaculada School.
3rd Prize. Topic: Energy. By Adrián Rodríguez Cantizano from the Antonio Machado Secondary School in La Línea.

World Wetlands Day Winners

1st Prize. Alberto Gómez of Colegio San Bernardo in Algeciras.
2nd Prize. Paula Pecino from the Santa Rita de Campamento School (San Roque).
3rd Prize. Daura Hormigo, from Alfonso XI School in Algeciras.
1st Runner-up. Lucía Mª Rubiño, from the Adalides school in Algeciras.
2nd Runner-up. Rocío Simeón, from the La Inmaculada School in La Línea.

1st Prize. Laura Ferrón of Colegio San Bernardo in Algeciras.
2nd Prize. Juan Carlos Gasking of Isabel La Católica School in La Línea.
3rd Prize. Ainara García from the Sagrado Corazón de Puente Mayorga school (San Roque).
1st Runner-up. Ivone Celis, from Taraguilla School (San Roque).
2nd Runner-up. Francisco Martin, of San Bernardo School in Algeciras.
The awards ceremony will take place on 6 June at 11:00 am at Alameda de San Roque.

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