Fundación Cepsa renews commitment to Hermandad del Rocío in Huelva

07 Jul 2017

    • Cepsa, which this year hands over the baton to the Fundación Cepsa, has collaborated with the Hermandad for over 30 years
    • The annual edition of the official poster announcing the religious procession will be one of the cultural initiatives sponsored by the Fundación Cepsa

The representative of the Fundación Cepsa in Huelva, José Antonio Agüera, and the president of the Hermandad del Rocío of Huelva, Antonio Sánchez de Piña, have renewed the collaboration agreement through which the Fundación Cepsa takes part in social and cultural initiatives of the Hermandad del Rocío in Huelva and its province.

The Fundación Cepsa, a non-profit organization of general interest, pursues social, cultural, environmental, scientific and educational objectives, as well as grassroots sporting activities in the communities in which Cepsa carries out its activities. It began to work toward these objectives last October 2016.

The Hermandad del Rocío de Huelva, which allocates a percentage of its income to social initiatives and to institutions which work to help vulnerable groups, promotes activities to ensure that the El Rocío religious procession continues to be a cultural magnet for the city, the province and the Andalusian Autonomous Community.

The Fundación Cepsa collaborated in designing the Official Poster announcing the Huelva route to the village of El Rocío in the Religious Procession presented in April. As usual, it will also be helping to organize events aimed at obtaining funds for social works of the Hermandad to help get aid to various bodies and underprivileged sections of the population that the Hermandad cares for in the province of Huelva.

José Antonio Agüera has recognized that for the Fundación Cepsa this “collaboration agreement is not only an exercise in responsibility because it is one of the most important cultural markers of our city, but also because it means contributing to the social aims to which this Hermandad has become more and more committed in recent times.”

The president of the Hermandad de Huelva, Antonio Sanchez de Piña, thanked the Fundación Cepsa for “its promise of further commitment and its involvement in solidarity and cultural actions of all kinds of entities in our province”.

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