Fundación Cepsa visits AHETE, winner of a Social Value Award 2016

16 Aug 2017

    • This meeting is the first in the Fundación Cepsa's round of visits to organizations which were winners in the last Social Awards

    • Ahete has used the prize money to reinforce its children's program

  1. Fundación Cepsa has kickstarted its visits program through which it will learn first-hand about the work carried out by the winning entities in the 2016 Social Value Awards. The first visit was to the Hemophilia Association in the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (AHETE).

    The meeting was attended by the new president of AHETE, Tomás Díaz, accompanied by the members of the Association's technical team, plus representing the Fundación Cepsa were the director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo, and the head of Communication and Institutional Relations in the Islands, Belén Machado.


  1. During the visit, they had the chance to learn in depth about the main activities and assistance programs developed by AHETE, an association which specializes in caring for hemophiliacs and people affected by other congenital coagulopathies.

    They were also told a lot about the “Acceptance of hemophilia in infancy” program, which was one of the winners of the Fundación Cepsa's 2016 Social Value Awards. The program aims to improve the quality of life of families with children affected by hemophilia in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as well as helping them come to terms with having the disease, preventing disability and encouraging them to stick with the treatment.

    A total of 20 families have benefited from Fundación Cepsa's contribution, through the comprehensive care program provided by AHETE, along with various recreational and training activities, such as an exhibition of the First Lego League Project (to awaken scientific and technological vocations as a way early guidance to suitable professions for hemophilia), a visit to the Civil Protection headquarters in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with Christmas presents; and the first co-living program for the group's families in the south of Tenerife, where they received training in self-treatments, new drugs and direct hematological care.

Tomás Díaz, the Chairman of AHETE, said that “it is clear that society is better educated and informed, and families are better able to cope with the disease in a normalized and responsible way, we only have to look at the rational use of health services, fewer children having to stay at home instead of going to school, and parents not having to be absent from work, because their illness is being properly managed”. “With the support of Fundación Cepsa, through this Social Value Award, we have educated children about the illness and helped them to come to terms with it, while also supporting families in their children's normalization and social integration.

In the words of José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, “it is very gratifying to help to prevent children from being overprotected, as this interferes with their normal development, and to improve their sense of belonging and their social integration, while also spreading awareness amongst families living with children affected by this chronic disease.

This visit is part of Cepsa's commitment to forge closer links with the entities that have won the Social Value Awards, in order to get to know in situ the activity they carry out and show them its support.

Fundación Cepsa will soon be announcing the 2017 Social Value Awards.

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