Chicharrito finalists from Fundación Cepsa exhibited on rambla in Santa Cruz

    • The set of sculptures will remain in the area until 15 June, and the public will be able to choose their three favorites

At midday today, the Paseo de las Tinajas, within the Rambla de Santa Cruz, will host the sculptural ensemble with the eight ‘Chicharritos’ finalists of the competition promoted by the Fundación Cepsa in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Santa Cruz Municipal Council.

The works of art will remain on public display until 15 June, before which the public can choose their three favorite works. 

The mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermúdez, visited the area, along with Councillor for Culture, José Carlos Acha, and the director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands, representing the Foundation, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, the president of the jury, Maribel Nazco, and the authors of these sculptures themselves.

Bermúdez stressed that this cultural initiative aims to “enhance one of the most important symbols of our city, with the invaluable collaboration of artists. Once the competition is over, the sculptures will be installed in the five districts of the municipality so that all members of the Santa Cruz community feel represented.”

Fernández-Sabugo said he was pleased "to be able to give visibility to the talent of the artists who have participated in this project, so enhancing one of the most popular “paseo” spots in Santa Cruz for local residents and tourists, with sculptures that, in the short term, will decorate the streets of Santa Cruz”.

Acha thanked the Fundación Cepsa for its support, and said that 45 proposals had been submitted. “Here we can see the eight sketches selected by the jury, and which became these sculptures that, soon, will also become part of the artistic landscape of Santa Cruz.

Each of the works, made of fiberglass and polyester resin, measures 2.30 meters high - stand included - and reflect the particular vision of each of its creators on this important symbol of Santa Cruz. Citizens will now have until 15 June to choose the three most outstanding works that are exhibited on the Paseo de Las Tinajas, where they can view them up close and in greater detail before voting for their favorite proposals.

To do so, they must use the municipal website ( or Facebook. The artists who receive the most votes will compete for three prizes, endowed with 1,000, 500 and 300 euros, respectively. Lastly, the three winning sculptures will be picked by a specialized jury (60%) and the popular vote (40% remaining).

The eight proposals selected for exhibition at the Rambla de Santa Cruz were presented by Arganda Lorenzo Padrón (untitled); Francisco García González (‘El Chicharro disguised as gold’); Inmaculada Juárez Pérez (‘Water and mythological life’); Liseth Rodríguez Figuera (‘Chicharrito reflection’); Manuel Martín Díaz (‘Heart of Santa Cruz’); Mónica Brito García (‘By Mercy Bouquet’); Pablo Falcón Muñoz (‘Chicharro style’); and Raiber González Hechevarría (‘Rainbow Dream’).

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