Educational programs and Laguna Primera at Palos attract over 4,700 visitors

15 Jan 2018

  • - As well as Cepsa’s production plants and control centers, visitors were able to find out about the Laguna Primera de Palos lagoon
  • - The ‘World Wetlands Day’ and ‘Energy Campus’ school programs lie at the heart of the company’s series of educational visits
  •  - The year 2017 saw the 11th round of Annual Open Days: the first of their kind among chemical and energy companies in Andalusia
  • A total of 4,756 people visited Cepsa’s facilities in Huelva throughout 2017, thanks to the various programs of visits arranged by the company over the year to offer the public a first-hand insight into its business.

    Some 93% of visitors were from Huelva and the surrounding areas, while the remaining visits were requested by people from other provinces in Andalusia, namely Seville and Cádiz; other regions, like Madrid and Extremadura; and even other countries, such as the UK, Portugal, Georgia and China.

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  • The open-door policy something Cepsa has always been known for gives the public an opportunity to find out in person about the energy sector; the company’s responsibilities with regard to safety, the environment, technology and innovation; and the work of Fundación Cepsa.

    The series of visits kicked off in the months of January and February with the “World Wetlands Day” and “Energy Campus” school programs, which are held in collaboration with the region’s departments of Education, the Environment and Land Use Planning.

    Through these two initiatives, close to 3000 pupils from 48 schools visited Cepsa’s facilities to learn about the world of oil, the associated chemistry and its applications, before moving on to visit the Laguna Primera de Palos lagoon: a natural park forming part of the Andalusian regional government’s Protected Spaces Network.

    In addition to these educational programs, visits were arranged for groups of students in vocational training and secondary education, as well as university students from Spain and abroad, most of whom are on energy or occupational risk prevention courses.

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  • Local community associations, stay-at-home parents’ groups, customers and other organizations were also invited, while special tours were arranged for a 

    large contingent of journalists, authorities and senior members of the government and various public institutions.

    An optional addition for those interested was to extend the program by enjoying the natural or cultural spaces related to the company’s social responsibility activity, which Cepsa wishes to promote and enhance within all of its action programs. As well as Laguna Primera de Palos, these spaces include the protected “Odiel Dunes” Botanical Garden, the Ancient Port of Palos and Carabelas Wharf.

    Cepsa’s program of visits in Huelva also includes those arranged for ornithologists and bird watching enthusiasts, mostly from the UK, who travel to Laguna Primera de Palos to observe the plethora of species using the lagoon. A number of visits also give participants the chance to help ring birds while learning more about the birdlife on the reserve and identify and watch migratory birds as they stop over at Laguna Primera. Cepsa is constantly dedicating time and energy to environmental conservation and biodiversity protection.

    Open Day

    One of Cepsa’s biggest and most successful series of visits is its Open Days, which were held in March and April in 2017. These were launched in 1999, with Cepsa being the first company in the chemical and energy sector in Andalusia to run such events. This tenth edition attracted over 700 visitors mainly from the capital of Huelva, who came to find out about the industrial complex, our production processes and operational excellence, technological innovation, our investments, as well as the Company's Environmental, Safety, Quality and Corporate Responsibility policies.

    This packed program of visits allows the Company to fulfill its commitment to transparency and maintain constant dialog with the public, as well as to showcase our international activities, leadership, technical excellence and social responsibility. In the last 16 years, close to 70,000 people have visited Cepsa's facilities in Huelva.

    Cepsa and Fundación Cepsa

    Cepsa has two production centers in Palos de la Frontera: the La Rábida Refinery and the Palos Chemical Plant, which together have a direct workforce of more than 1,000. These centers make Cepsa one of the most active companies in the province and with the greatest socioeconomic impact.

  • Fundación Cepsa

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