Social Value Awards Huelva 2016 winning projects now up and running

03 Oct 2017

    • Over €61,000 in prize money was handed out

    • Representatives of the Foundation in Huelva have followed the projects closely and visited the various associations

  1. The seven projects that won the 2016 Social Value Awards run by Fundación Cepsa in Huelva are now underway. The Foundation has regularly monitored the projects since the winners were announced, visiting the associations to find out first-hand how the projects are progressing and what they have achieved, as well as the impact they are having on their beneficiaries.

  2. Fundación Cepsa started paying the 2016 winners a visit in June and since then its managers have been visiting all of them: Asociación Afán de lucha por los enfermos de Alzheimer “Caminar” [an association that supports people with Alzheimer’s disease], Asociación Virgen del Carmen (which runs the San Antonio Abad elderly care home), Asociación de Familiares y Allegados de Personas con Enfermedad Mental de Huelva y su provincia (FEAFES) [an association supporting close family members and other relatives of people with a mental illness], Asociación de Padres y Protectores de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual ASPAPRONIAS [an association providing help to parents and carers of people with intellectual disabilities], and Asociación “Huelva Acoge” [which offers help to immigrants]. They were accompanied by representatives from the company and the projects’ charity sponsors.

  3. This round of visits drew to a close with trips to the new headquarters of Asociación Onubense para la Normalización Educativa Social y Laboral (AONES) [an association in Huelva that helps people integrate into society and the workplace], and to Fundación Centro Español de Solidaridad “Proyecto Hombre”. Through the visits, Fundación Cepsa was able to find out how the winning projects in its charity awards are progressing and discover more about the lives of the beneficiaries receiving help from these organizations.

  1. Winning associations and projects in 2016

  1. The project run by Afán de lucha por los enfermos de Alzheimer “Caminar” from Bollullos Par del Condado works on the conversational and communication skills of Alzheimer’s patients to slow the advance of the disease through seven psychostimulation activities.

  1. Asociación Virgen del Carmen used its prize money to buy a call button system for the San Antonio Abad elderly care home in Trigueros. The system gives 

    visual and acoustic signals of calls made from around the center and offers two- way communication between each interphone and the nurses’ station.

    Another sum went to creating a communal space at the ASPAPRONIAS’ headquarters where users can meet, have fun and relax outside the centers’ normal opening hours.

    Huelva Acoge forged ahead with the second phase of the project started last year to improve the lives of extremely vulnerable immigrant women and families in Huelva province.

    Meanwhile, Asociación de Familiares y Allegados de Personas con Enfermedad Mental de Huelva y su provincia (Employees’ Special Award) earmarked its winnings for the project “Cuidando al que cuida” [Caring for carers], which provides information, support, advice and training to people suffering from a mental illness and their relatives in Huelva to enhance the quality of their lives. After three years of construction, AONES will soon open its new center, which has been designed to help people with intellectual disabilities become more self-sufficient at any stage of their lives. The Fundación Cepsa prize money was used to buy specific furniture, early sensory stimulation equipment, psycho- educational materials, air-conditioning and basic telecommunications systems. Lastly, Proyecto Hombre was able to buy a vehicle to provide safe and efficient transport to the center and individuals undergoing treatment for drug addiction for use in their everyday activities.

Social Value Awards

The Social Value Awards were first launched in Huelva in 2005. They were well received, resulting in the other Cepsa centers joining the initiative in the following years, which was the case with Tenerife, the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Campo de Gibraltar, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil.

The awards are one of the flagships of Cepsa’s social responsibility policy. The aim of these awards is to help the most disadvantaged people, groups and sectors of society, nurture charitable values and promote educational and cultural development with the help of Cepsa staff, given that all of the programs, projects or activities entering the competition must have been nominated by a Cepsa employee, who thus becomes a “charity sponsor” for the project. The period for submitting entries for the 13th Social Value Awards in 2017 will draw to a close October 5.

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