Improved mobility for AFA users thanks to Fundación Cepsa’s Social Value Awards

    • The Spanish Association of Families of Alzheimer's Patients (AFA) was one of the winners of the 2016 Social Value Awards

    • The prize money awarded by Fundación Cepsa has been used to buy an electric hoist for users with reduced mobility

  1. Fundación Cepsa recently visited the Spanish Association of Families of Alzheimer’s Patients (AFA) of La Línea de la Concepción, which was one of the winners of the last edition of the Social Value Awards thanks to its ongoing efforts to support Alzheimer’s patients and their family members in the local area.

    The visit allowed us to see first-hand the winning project at the last edition of the event: an electric hoist for transporting members of the association with reduced mobility.

    Thanks to this partnership, advanced Alzheimer’s sufferers can now rely on the new electric hoist to become more mobile.

    The Association of Families of Alzheimer’s Patients is carrying out a project known as “Intervention in the Integrated Treatment of Late Stage Dementia”, in which this cutting-edge technology is now being used. Of all the entries presented by over 40 entities from around the region, this particular project was selected by Fundación Cepsa because of its huge importance to users.

    AFA is a non-profit association that provides professional health care to patients of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and their family members, with the ultimate aim of improving the patient’s quality of life. The association has a multi-disciplinary team of professionals capable of dealing with all aspects of the disease: psychological and neuropsychological staff, a social worker, nurses, occupational therapists, a physiotherapist and clinical assistants.

    The association has expressed its “immense gratitude” for the award since “it is a hugely useful new tool as we move forward, and not only for patients but also for the Association’s own professionals, because it will be incredibly useful for us when moving the elderly about”.

  2. Social Value Awards

    The entry submission period for the 2017 Social Value Awards will open on September 12. The awards are one of the cornerstones of Cepsa’s Corporate

Responsibility Policy. They aim to recognize and champion social initiatives that improve inclusion and the well-being of the most underprivileged groups and individuals, while also fostering these worthy values among the health care professionals.

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