Over 30 schools in Tenerife take part in Fundación Cepsa’s Energy Campus III

    • As part of the program, Cepsa will be organizing visits by students to its plant and facilities over the next two months
    • After furthering their understanding of energy issues, the students will be able to enter for a prize by submitting a piece of work

A total of 33 educational centers in Tenerife taking part in Fundación Cepsa’s third “Energy Campus” will visit Cepsa’s refinery at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, after working in class on the computerized education modules that make up this program.

As of next week and over the next two months, Cepsa will be organizing morning visits from educational centers enrolled in the initiative which is aimed at pupils in the 3rd and 4th cycle of ESO, Baccalaureate and Education Cycles.

Through this program, which all the Secondary Education schools and centers offering Education Cycles in Tenerife have been invited to take part in, pupils will deepen their understanding of energy issues using a web platform designed by the Fundación Cepsa that at the same time enables them to use new technologies in the classroom.

The lessons will be rounded off with a day at the Tenerife Refinery, which will enable the students to improve the knowledge gained in class via an educational talk, a practical activity, and a guided tour.

Should they so wish, the pupils will also have the chance enter a competition by submitting a free-format, themed piece of work, either individually or in groups with no more than five members. The prizes will be state-of-the-art technology equipment.

The content of the “Energy Campus” is based on widely varying themes such as, amongst others, the origin of light, the sources of energy, inventions and inventors, the treatment and processing of crude oil, chemical plant production, Cepsa’s vision as a global energy company and its commitment to the environment.

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Tenerife III Energy Campus
  • Tenerife III Energy Campus