Over 750 schoolchildren take part in Fundación Cepsa’s third Energy Campus

    • The digital education program is complemented with a training talk, a workshop and a guided visit to the company’s facilities in the capital of Tenerife

As part of Fundación Cepsa’s ‘Energy Campus’, the company’s facilities in the capital of Tenerife have to date been visited by 754 pupils from 20 schools around the island. This means that the third cycle of this educational program has passed its midway point. Its aim is to help these young people to learn more about energy and to encourage their scientific vocation.

This initiative, which forms part of Fundación Cepsa’s work in scientific education, gives third and fourth-year students in secondary education, baccalaureate and vocational training from all over the island the opportunity to visit the Tenerife refinery, with the aim of consolidating the knowledge acquired in the classroom through the prior teaching received via the virtual campus.

Thus, the students who had already visited the facility, attended a talk and a workshop on the importance of energy and the multiple uses of petroleum derivatives, from switching on the light, charging their mobile phone, heating food or using the washing machine at home, to traveling by car, ‘plane or boat, as well of the thousands of uses for petrochemical products in our daily lives.

During the guided tour, they were also able to visit different areas including the tank loading plant, the fire station, storage areas and process units.

Together with the digital teaching and subsequent visit to the facilities, Fundación Cepsa completes the program by inviting the pupils to participate in a competition by presenting a piece of work, on any subject and in any format, either individually or in groups of up to five pupils.

After the 33 schools registered in the Energy Campus this year have all visited the facilities, a jury will evaluate the projects presented, selecting those that stand out for the originality, innovation and creativity. These will be awarded prizes in the form of cutting-edge technological equipment.

One of the priorities of Fundación Cepsa’s scientific education programs is the promotion of education as a driver of progress and of an innovation culture to promote the development of the Canary Islands through the acquisition of knowledge.

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