Presentation of the open-air urban art itinerary and catalog of Dive into Santa Cruz

09 Oct 2018

    • Fundación Cepsa and the City of Santa Cruz create a brochure that will serve to direct interested parties to the campaign's main murals scattered throughout the city
    • New murals related to the campaign will be added to the digital version of the catalog as they are completed

This morning, Fundación Cepsa and the Department of Culture of the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife presented a catalog of urban art under the project 'Sumérgete en Santa Cruz' (Dive into Santa Cruz), which includes an outdoor itinerary comprising the most outstanding murals of this urban art route located throughout the capital of Tenerife.

The majority of the murals under this initiative, which emerged five years ago as part of Cepsa's Corporate Responsibility actions with the aim of contributing to beautifying Tenerife's capital through urban art, are located in the city center, from the entrance to the city through the Tenerife Refinery, through La Salle and the Serrador Bridge to Calle Santiago, with stops at some points such as Calle Castillo, Miraflores or El Pilar, among others.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the council member for Culture and for the Center-Ifara District of the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Jose Carlos Acha, and the director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands, Jose Manuel Fernandez-Sabugo, accompanied by the artist and coordinator of the project Iker Muro and other muralists involved in the campaign.

Fernández-Sabugo pointed out that the aim of 'Sumérgete en Santa Cruz' has always been to turn the city into a veritable open-air museum, bringing art closer to residents and visitors while enhancing the surroundings. "The informative brochure helps to locate and admire these works of art, in addition to publicizing their authors, thus supporting the cultural dynamization of the capital."

He also assured that "it is surprising to see how artists have been transforming walls that are either damaged or aesthetically lacking, breathing new life into them through very diverse styles, with an originality and creativity that does not go unnoticed."

For his part, Iker Muro, who is responsible for several of the murals distributed throughout the city, thanked the work of Fundación Cepsa in organizing initiatives of this scale, while highlighting the support provided by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council. "With this type of initiative, both entities are showing their sensitivity to art and culture, which also serves to highlight the work of young artists from the island, spreading it throughout the streets of the city," said Muro.

The artists who have had the opportunity to participate to date in 'Sumérgete en Santa Cruz' include Carmen Cólogan, Matías Mata, Txemy Basualto, Tanausú Delgado, Diego Mena, Acaymo Padrino, Víctor Pacheco, Shirley Wintsch, Diego Izquierdo, Louis Lambert, Ione Domínguez, Lauro Samblás, Arián León and Iker Muro himself.

The ‘Sumérgete en Santa Cruz’ informative brochure will be available to everyone through the tourism offices of Tenerife's capital. A regularly updated online version will soon be made available via the Tenerife capital's social networks.

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