Research and training are the keys to the Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna

    • The first meeting of the joint committee between the two entities progresses the program of activities for the year

The first meeting of the joint committee of the Fundación Cepsa Chair for Innovation and Energy Efficiency at the University of La Laguna, composed of representatives of the university and the energy company’s foundation, met recently at the Vice Rectorate for Relations with Society to address issues including the program of activities planned for 2019.

The meeting, attended by the new director, Professor Leopoldo Acosta, resolved that the first measure will be to promote research by creating and funding doctorates and by awarding one or more prizes for Masters degree dissertations related to the Chair’s subject.

With regard to training, it was proposed to set up a program for students who are about to finish their degree or who have done so recently. The program would focus on the unique integrative experiences provided to the selected students by various training modules in advanced capabilities and coaching sessions. The participating students will be chosen on the basis not only of academic merit, but also other abilities including their training in social skills, IT competences, time spent in other universities, creativity, spirit of collaboration with society, involvement in university activities and language skills.

With regard to outreach, another of the Chair's main pillars, it was announced that a cycle of lectures addressing various energy issues will be held regularly on an ongoing basis.
The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna was created last year to develop activities in research, technological innovation, energy efficiency and outreach, together with the transfer of knowledge between the company and the university.

The Fundación Cepsa Chairs

Cepsa continues to work alongside academia. The Fundación Cepsa-managed chairs at the universities of Huelva, Seville, Cadiz and Madrid are growing thanks to the contributions and dedication of professionals from both sides to the improvement of training, innovation and research.
These chairs enable university students to familiarize themselves with the world of work and bring the universities’ teaching staff into contact with the realities of industry in Spain. Exchanges between specialists and lecturers have been enriching experiences for the participants and made important contributions to their subsequent daily work.
The first meeting between Fundación Cepsa Chairs was held recently with the aim of aligning objectives, presenting the various initiatives being undertaken in the different universities and promoting cooperation between them.

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