Fundación Cepsa presents Social Value Awards in Huelva

13 Nov 2017

  •         · The seven winning associations, championed by their charity sponsors, collected their trophies this morning
  •         · Fundación Cepsa has handed out over €56,000 in Huelva this year

Fundación Cepsa’s Social Value Awards ceremony was held in Huelva this morning. The event was attended by the Andalusia regional government’s area councillor for Equality, Health and Social Policies in Huelva, Rafael López, chair of the jury; University of Huelva rector, María Antonia Peña; the deputy public ombudsman of Andalusia, Juana Pérez Oller; general secretary of the Federation of Industry, Construction and Farming (UGT-FICA), Luciano Gómez; the general secretary of the trade union CC.OO. in Huelva, Emilio Fernández; its social policy manager, David Díaz Espina; and Fundación Cepsa’s representative in Huelva, Jose Antonio Agüera.

The winners of the 2017 competition were Asociación Protectora de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual (APAMYS) [an association protecting people with intellectual disabilities], Asociación para la Prevención y Apoyo al Drogodependiente (ASPREATO) [an association working to prevent and provide support with drug addiction], Asociación Onubense de Esclerosis Múltiple (ADEMO) [Huelva Multiple Sclerosis Association], Asociación Protectora de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual de la Cuenca Minera (ASPROMIN) [an association protecting people with intellectual disabilities], Asociación de Paralíticos Cerebrales de Huelva (ASPACEHU) [Huelva Cerebral Palsy Association], and Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad “La Canariega” [ “La Canariega” Disabled Association]. They collected their trophies today after their projects were chosen by the jury at a meeting held in November.

The Huelva branch of Firefighters Without Borders also received the Employees’ Special Award given by Cepsa staff who decided on three projects worthy of this extra award from among 14 finalists in the areas where the awards are held. The other two winners of the Employees’ Special Award were associations in Colombia.


During his speech, area councillor for Equality, Health and Social Policies, Rafael López, highlighted Cepsa’s important work through its foundation in its local community and across the province, enabling many associations to carry out their small projects that have a clear impact on social integration and inclusion. José Antonio Agüera emphasized the Social Value Awards’ special place among the initiatives run by Fundación Cepsa, having become its flagship project. Not 

just the winners but the associations taking part in this year’s competition were also thanked for their contribution to society, as were the charity sponsors Cepsa staff whose hard work and commitment raises awareness of these awards and of Fundación Cepsa's various social projects in the province.

Winning associations and projects

The project submitted by APAMYS “Social inclusion: a reality”, in Valverde del Camino, involves purchasing a vehicle to transport people with intellectual disabilities, helping improve their lives and enable them to attend workshops, meetings, etc.

ASPREATO will use its prize money to fund the project “Social emergency services”, to meet the basic needs of people at risk of social exclusion and minimize their social and health-related problems.

Another of the awards will fund grants and sponsorships to enable people with multiple sclerosis to access neurorehabilitation services, which ADEMO plans to hand out. Thanks to Fundación Cepsa, the needs of individuals on low incomes and requiring additional care will be met.

Elsewhere, ASPROMIN will be able to launch a program to develop orthoses (external devices applied to the body to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromusculoskeletal system) that are customized for each user. These devices will be used for personal protection and care, mobility, communication, manipulation and body alignment, and to help disabled people carry out day-to-day activities.

The project “Sensorial theater” aims to improve ASPACEHU’S equipment, adding new multisensorial stimulation devices and thereby provide a therapeutic resource to improve cerebral palsy suffers’ chances of rehabilitation. Lastly the “La Canariega” Association from Almonte has devised a project with the help of local school children in grade 10 to raise awareness among participants, relatives and the general public of the learning challenges faced by disabled people. Social consciousness and empathy are therefore enhanced through mutual support and cooperation.

The Huelva branch of Firefighters without Borders (Employees’ Special Award) was proclaimed winner for its information awareness-raising workshops in schools to foster the basic values needed in society: solidarity, generosity, sacrifice, cooperation and volunteering. The winning project from the Huelva branch of FWB aims to encourage people to help others, especially the least fortunate members of society.

Social Value Awards

The Social Value Awards are the most powerful social action initiative of Fundación Cepsa. They were introduced to recognize and promote social projects that foster the inclusion and well-being of at-risk groups and individuals in the countries or localities in which Cepsa is most active.
First established in Huelva, competitions are now also held in Madrid, Campo de Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil.

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