The ‘Images without Rights’ show of Fundación Cepsa and the Red Cross has now received over 1,500 visitors

04 Jun 2019

    • This traveling photography exhibition has been on show in La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and Garachico.
    • The initiative seeks to provide an opportunity for reflection and to publicize the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The ‘Images without Rights’ traveling exhibition, organized by the Red Cross with the support of Fundación Cepsa, has to date been seen by over 1,500 visitors in the five weeks since its arrival in Tenerife.

This initiative aims to publicize the challenges posed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to stimulate action in support of them. Hence, the exhibition is structured around 17 images, one for each SDG, which have been donated by well-known photographers and reflect the reality and the faces of people whose human rights have been violated.

Fundación Cepsa is participating in this campaign, which seeks to provide an opportunity for reflection and to publicize these goals, which focus on ending poverty, reducing inequality and combating climate change, thus contributing to improve the lives of all people, everywhere.

The exhibition’s title, ‘Images without Rights’, has a double meaning. On the one hand, the snapshots reflect the violation of human rights, but they are also free of rights (i.e. copyright) thanks to the generosity of their creators.

However, the show is not just about the images: on the back of each panel is an explanation of the SDG to which it refers, providing specific examples of what each citizen can do, in their own personal, work, family or social life, to help fulfill that goal. It also invites visitors to share on social media what they are doing for the SDGs, using the hashtag #YoMeMuevoXlosODS (I’m doing something for the SDGs).

The exhibition’s tour of Tenerife has so far taken it to the Casa de los Capitanes in La Laguna, the Mueca Festival in Puerto de la Cruz and the Canary Islands International Environmental Cinema Festival (FICMEC in Spanish), recently held in Garachico.

Its next stop will be in the Espacio Zona Joven in Candelaria, from the 10th to 14th June, before moving on to various municipalities and events in Tenerife during the rest of the year.

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