The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the ULL analyzes possible lines of research in innovation and energy efficiency

17 Jul 2018

    • The Chair's Joint Committee meets with a group of professors of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Science to advance in the identification of joint projects 

The Joint Committee of the Fundación Cepsa Chair for Innovation and Energy Efficiency at the University of La Laguna held its first working meeting with professors from various fields in the academic institution, the aim being to analyze in detail the possible lines of joint research and work between the company and the University, under this Chair.

Cepsa and the ULL have previously participated and collaborated in numerous research projects taking advantage of technical synergies between the teams, and this meeting made it possible to find out what capacities and interests they currently share with a view to becoming new joint R&D projects in the future.

On behalf of Cepsa, the head of the Company's Research Center, Joana Frontela, the head of Corporate Research and Development, Jacques Meunier, and the head of Digital Transformation of the Refining Division, José Macías, spoke about the experience and research projects that the company is developing to create more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, develop new fuels and promote high-value projects.

The delegation of the ULL was headed by its Vice-Chancellor for Relations with Society, Francisco García, who recalled that the priority of this new Chair is to promote training, research and technological innovation in the field of energy, bring the corporate world and academia closer together, and promote the personal and professional development of university students.

The work session, aimed at creating a mixed group of researchers to begin the actions of educational and scientific cooperation and knowledge transfer, was attended by the director of the Chair, Francisco Ramos, accompanied by a substantial group of professors responsible for various lines of research that are being pursued at the ULL.

The professors presented their capabilities and interests related to the world of energy and energy efficiency in aspects like biofuels, electrochemical applications in the environment, energy integration systems, simulation of intelligent systems for optimal energy management, and modeling for the prediction of renewable energy demand, among others.

Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna

The Fundación Cepsa Chair of the University of La Laguna, created in April this year, aims to become a standard of reference in the relations between private enterprise and academia, providing a space for students and energy experts to share their analysis and results.

Through it, Fundación Cepsa will collaborate with the ULL in organizing conferences and seminars on various issues related to the energy sector and the development of new technologies that contribute to progress toward a more sustainable society.

The aim is also to promote end-of-degree or master's degree projects, as well as the granting of scholarships and grants and the creation of a prize, all with the aim of promoting research, fostering knowledge and bringing students closer to the workplace and present-day industry.

The collaboration between Cepsa and the University of La Laguna has been very close since the origins of the Company, which was launched precisely in Tenerife with the construction of the Tenerife Refinery in 1930. Over the years, hundreds of the university's students have done their internships and apprenticeships through scholarships at this industrial facility. A large number of Cepsa workers come from the University of La Laguna, some of whom have reached positions of high-level responsibility at the refinery, in the company's subsidiaries in the Canary Islands and in other national and international destinations.

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