The Fundación Cepsa participates in the solidarity campaign ‘No child without a safety seat’ for improving road safety in childhood

21 Feb 2018

    • The aim of the initiative is to help improve safety for children travelling in cars
    • The Fundación Cepsa will make a contribution of €6,000 to help with the campaign

Sales from the book will be donated for the purchase of child safety seats. Fundación Cepsa will make a donation of €6,000 to this initiative with safety and social support initiatives being priority areas for the foundation. 

In the words of Belén Candenas, Executive Director of Fundación Cepsa: "Safety is one of the values that drives the Fundación Cepsa, and on which we promote prevention as the best defense  against risks. This initiative forms part of that work alongside the Fundación Línea Directa, which we have collaborated with on other initiatives to promote road safety." 

Over the past decade, 90 children have died in road accidents because of the lack of an adequate child safety seat. The Fundación Cepsa considers it of vital importance not only to help families in need to have adequate safety seats, but also to raise awareness and educate children and adults on the importance of using them correctly

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