The Social Value Awards improve social welfare in Huelva

14 Aug 2018

    • APAMYS, ASPROMIN, ADEMO, ASPREATO and ASPACEHU were visited by Fundación Cepsa in order to see close up the progress of the winning projects from last year
    • In 2017 the award money exceeded €55,000
    • The awards have allowed equipment to be supplied to these organizations, as well as improving help for those people at risk from social exclusion

Fundación Cepsa has visited the facilities of some of the winning associations from the 2017 Social Value Awards, in order to get to know first-hand the welfare and support work of these institutions, as well as the development and realization of the projects honored in last year’s awards: the Association for the Protection of People with Mental Disability (APAMYS), the Association for Prevention and Support for Drug Addicts (ASPREATO), the Huelvan Multiple Sclerosis Association (ADEMO), the Association for the Protection of People with Mental Disability in Cuenca Minera (ASPROMIN) and the Cerebral Palsy Association (ASPACEHU). Since the date when the organizations won the awards, Fundación Cepsa has kept in contact with them, taking an interest in the progress and realization of the different winning projects.

With this series of visits, not only are the actual needs of integration and social inclusion put in place, but also a necessary bringing together of the groups to whom each activity is directed and, in some cases, of their family, indirect beneficiaries of each and every one of the welfare activities.

The Association APAMYS, from Valverde del Camino, purchased a vehicle to transport its users; ASPREATO, with its company store and social dining room in Ayamonte, covers the basic needs of groups at risk of being excluded from society, where the children occupy a special place. In the same way, people with little money and assistance have been able to access the neuro-rehabilitation services of the Huelvan Multiple Sclerosis Association ADEMO, thanks to Fundación Cepsa.

For their part, the Association for the Protection of People with Mental Disability in Cuenca Minera (ASPROMIN), has purchased a program and necessary resources to develop orthotic devices (an external device attached to the body to change the functional or structural appearance of the neuromusculoskeletal system) especially adapted for children with disability and with little money, which enables them to participate in the daily activities of users and their immediate surroundings.

Lastly, Fundación Cepsa has noted with satisfaction how ASPACEHU has incorporated new elements of multisensorial stimulation into its premises, and can offer therapeutic resources to improve the opportunities for rehabilitation of the user group, an aim of the project is the ‘Teatro Sensorial’ (‘Sensual Theatre’).

Those in charge of the different organizations relayed the need to keep on undertaking projects which drive forward their activities, at the same time as thanking Fundación Cepsa for the help received in the last Social Value Awards, which has provided them with increased attention to the needs of their users. For their part, the person in charge of the Huelvan office of Fundación Cepsa has encouraged them to put forward new projects in future awards and thanked them for their dedication and commitment to a Huelva which is more inclusive and engaged with its citizens who are most in need.

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