Fundación Cepsa commissions new mural for Benito Pérez Armas Institute of Sport

    • Forming part of the Sumérgete en Santa Cruz [Immerse yourself in Santa Cruz] project, the mural was created by Iker Muro
    • Students in plastic arts and artistic design from the institute’s special education unit were involved in designing and producing the piece

Fundación Cepsa has commissioned a new wall mural to brighten up the outside of the Benito Pérez Armas Institute of Sport. Cepsa’s director for the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo, visited the site of the work, accompanied by Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council’s councilor for the area of Distrito Salud-La Salle, Yolanda Moliné; and the institute’s principal, Miguel Ángel Padrón; the artist, Iker Muro; and some of the students and staff taking part.

The artwork, which is 55 meters long and six meters high, covers a total area of 330 square meters and has completely transformed the street where the institute is located. The building now really stands out from all the other buildings in the area.

The mural was designed by the coordinator of the Sumérgete en Santa Cruz [Immerse yourself in Santa Cruz] project, Iker Muro, who drew on the ideas and drawings of plastic arts and artistic design students at the center, splitting it into vignettes that tell the story of the institute and the life of teenagers. He was also inspired by the style of Roy Lichtenstein, one of the leading exponents of American pop art, and in the designs of the Memphis group industrial design and architecture group of the 1980s. Students with learning difficulties from the institute’s special education unit also helped out.

José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, said that he was “pleasantly surprised by the dramatic transformation of the wall, where gray concrete has been covered with a cheery explosion of color. The outside of the institute is now full of life, echoing the vitality of the students who attend the center every day.”

For Yolanda Moliné, “Fundación Cepsa’s work in commissioning the mural at this institute from Barrio Los Gladiolos deserves to be praised”. “I’ll always support anything that contributes to improving and beautifying the corners of our district,” the councillor said, while thanking the students who took part.

Miguel Ángel Padrón explained that “this piece is the result of a close collaboration between Fundación Cepsa, Iker Muro, the area of Distrito Salud-La Salle and students at the center, who worked together on the design and execution of the mural.”
The principal of the institute – a specialized sports performance center– also showed his appreciation for “the district council’s involvement in enabling Fundación Cepsa to bring the piece to life, which goes beyond just a painted wall because it offered our students an intense human experience, and fits with the values we are so passionate about”.

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