Cepsa volunteers and pupils in Tenerife give school a new look

22 Mar 2017

    • Over 40 volunteers have painted a mural on the outside of the school, inspired by the Sumérgete en Santa Cruz [Immerse yourself in Santa Cruz] project
    • The wall mural is a joint effort by Fundación Cepsa and Tomé Cano Elementary School to improve the school’s aspect

Fundación Cepsa has helped spruce up Tomé Cano Elementary School’s image through a corporate volunteering initiative involving Cepsa staff and sixth grade pupils at the school, accompanied by their relatives and teachers.

A group of more than 40 people took on the task of painting a 60-meter-long mural on the school’s facade, which has changed the aspect of Legazpi Street in the Salud-La Salle district.

Tomé Cano School’s principal, Angelines Tavío, said that: “This way of painting a wall mural involving volunteers from the school and from Cepsa has been an eye-opener. All morning we shared the experience of working together towards a common goal: improving how the school looks. The pupils and their parents were surprised when they came to school the next day; even the neighbors have congratulated us because they say it now looks like a school with so much color that cheers it up a lot.”

José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, Cepsa’s director in the Canary Islands, commented that: “There are more and more Cepsa employees who are spending some of their free time to volunteer with their families on a wide range of projects providing welfare support, promoting culture, protecting the environment, offering the opportunity to disabled people to play sport, etc., thanks to Fundación Cepsa’s backin.”

“This wall mural is the result of a collaborative effort between the company and the local community, and we are more than satisfied with the outcome, especially with the moments we shared creating it,” the company’s director for the islands said.

The councillor for Salud-La Salle district from Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, Yolanda Moliné, applauded “the cooperation between Tomé Cano Elementary School, Fundación Cepsa and the district authorities to create this painting after the school’s facade had been repaired by workers from the supported employment organization in the district.”

Tomé Cano Elementary School’s new facade was designed by the coordinator of the Sumérgete en Santa Cruz project, Iker Muro, who also helped with the painting, bringing his own personal touch to the final piece.

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