Fundación Cepsa presents its Energy Campus prizes for the third time

14 Jun 2019

    • Two pupils from Las Veredillas secondary school were awarded first prize for their ‘Holographic Energy Project’.

    • The second and third prizes went to pupils from the Ofra and Padre Anchieta secondary schools.

    • Thirty-three schools in Tenerife and almost 1,250 pupils took part in this round of the Digital Education Program, which aims to consolidate education on the subject of energy.

The closing event of the third round of Fundación Cepsa’s Energy Campus program took place this morning at the Refinery. There was a ceremony during which the manager of Cepsa and Jose Manuel Fernandez-Sabugo (the Fundación’s representative in the Canary Islands) presented awards to the winners of the academic projects competition.

Las Veredillas secondary school, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, took the first prize in the groupwork category — with the work entitled ‘Holographic Energy Project’ which was submitted by the team of Kael André Rascón and Pablo Pérez.

Second place went to Gisela Lugo and Andrea García (both pupils at Ofra secondary school in Santa Cruz) and their entry, ‘Scale Model and Website on Renewable and Non-renewable Energies’. Third place was awarded to ‘Scale Model of a Dynamic Aircraft Made from Recycled Materials’, submitted by Raúl Gascó and Sakima Ferrera (pupils at another school in Tenerife’s capital, the Padre Anchieta secondary).

During the event, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo congratulated the 33 schools from all over the Island for taking part in the Energy Campus program — which has enabled the 1,250 pupils enrolled on this third round to consolidate their learning about the world of energy. He also commended the efforts made by all the young people who developed projects in their spare time for entry in the competition, and especially the three winning teams for their endeavor, creativity and commitment.

The winning pupils expressed their gratitude for the recognition and the prizes they received, emphasizing that, “Fundación Cepsa’s Energy Campus is an initiative that succeeds in incentivizing young people to learn about energy, and through it we have learnt a great deal and had fun at the same time”. They also “encouraged all schools on the Island to participate in future rounds”.

The prizes consisted of the latest-generation technological equipment (a laptop computer, a tablet and a sports camera) for each member of the first-, second- and third-placed teams. No entries were received for the individual category, and so no prizes were awarded.

The Energy Campus

Since October last year, almost 1,250 pupils in the 3rd and 4th years of ESO [Compulsory Secondary Education], and in Baccalaureate and Training Programs at 33 schools in Tenerife have participated in the third round of the Energy Campus initiative organized on the island by Fundación Cepsa. The program includes new digital learning modules for use in the classroom, which aims to help these young people learn more about energy and to encourage the choosing of a scientific vocation.

The classroom learning was followed by visits to the energy company’s installations in Tenerife’s capital city, where pupils could also benefit from an educational talk and workshop.

The fourth Energy Campus competition will be launched in September, and is an ongoing educational project within the framework of Fundación Cepsa’s annual program of activities in the Canary Islands.

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