Fundación Cepsa Renews its Annual Collaboration with UNED Campo de Gibraltar

19 Mar 2020

    • Once again, after more than a decade of collaboration, the "UNED y la Palabra" conferences, and the UNED +1 Awards for academic excellence will be held this year.

Fundación Cepsa has renewed, for 2020, its collaboration agreement with Campo de Gibraltar National Distance Education University (UNED), which will allow the university to continue with part of its training plans for yet another academic year. 

For the last 12 years, Fundación Cepsa has helped run the "La UNED y la Palabra" conferences that bring together the great names of Spanish culture, economy, society and science to Algeciras each year. Former speakers include playwright Albert Boadella; attorney Cristina Almeida; scientist and politician Bernat Soria, judge and politician Fernando Grande-Marlaska; and judge Cándido Conde-Pumpido. 

Fundación Cepsa also recognizes the two best academic performances in the fields of Science and Humanities. The winners are granted the UNED + 1 award each year, a scholarship that rewards their achievement and provides financial assistance for their Master's degree. 

Rosario Arias, the director of the UNED center in Campo de Gibraltar, thanked Fundación Cepsa for renewing its collaboration for another year. Fundación Cepsa has demonstrated its commitment to education in Campo de Gibraltar with initiatives such as this one, as well as the 'Energy Campus' program and the Fundación Cepsa Chair at the UCA Polytechnic School of Algeciras, to mention a few. 

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Cristina Almeida at UNED