The Fundación Cepsa announces the Social Value Awards, an initiative that aims to recognize and reward social projects geared toward improving the quality of life of people in vulnerable social situations.

The Social Value Awards are held in Spain at Campo de Gibraltar, the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the province of Huelva, in Portugal, Colombia and Brazil, geographical areas in which the founder, Compañia Española de Petróleos, S.A. has a relevant activity and in which it has established close links and relations with the community.

Each of the areas taking part is responsible for organizing the competition. The Legal Terms and Conditions are the same for all areas, except in those sections which specify the contrary.

Any circumstances or incidents arising with regard to the call for the Social Value Awards will be published on this website. Our commitment to ethics and integrity is reflected in the Fundación Cepsa Code of Ethics and Conduct.


The Social Value Awards are open to private, non-profit-making entities that pursue general interest objectives and are legally constituted and comply with the following requirements:

- Being a private, non-profit-making entity and being registered in the appropriate registry.

- Their Bylaws must include carrying out of activities considered to be the object of this Award.

- Having previous experience of at least two (2) years in social projects.

- Being up to date with the payment of their tax and labor obligations.

- Having a registered office or delegation in the following areas: Campo de Gibraltar, the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the province of Huelva, Portugal, Colombia or Brazil.

Are expressly excluded:

- Foundations and business associations, social welfare arms of banking entities and entities linked to the Public Administrations.

- Entities of which Fundación Cepsa or any associated or participated company of the Cepsa Group is a sponsor or a shareholder are expressly excluded from taking part in this competition.

- Companies that have won in the last two (2) editions that have not provided evidence of project execution.

By submitting a project, participants implicitly accept the Legal Terms and Conditions of the Awards and the Jury's decision.
Candidacies that do not comply with these Legal Terms and Conditions, and are incomplete or false or misleading in any way, will be excluded from the competition.


Projects should aim to improve the quality of life of people in vulnerable social situations.

Projects must be located to one of these geographical areas: Campo de Gibraltar, the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the province of Huelva, Portugal, Colombia or Brazil, and will have to be carried out in the geographical area where they are presented.

- The budget for the submitted project may not exceed FORTY THOUSAND EUROS (€40,000), and the amount requested from the Fundación Cepsa may not exceed TWELVE THOUSAND EUROS (€12,000).

- The economic viability of the project must be justified through the participation of other financiers and/or the applying company's own funding, in the presentation of the project and the budget.

- The project must be carried out during the year following the call. By way of exception, if the company would not be able to execute the project in 2021 due to circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it should contact Fundación Cepsa to discuss potential alternatives for carrying it out.

- The projects must be submitted by a “solidarity” godparent, who will be an active professional at the date of presentation of the project in one of the companies of Cepsa. Each “solidarity” godparent can only sponsor one project from any of the areas, per competition.

- If a “solidarity” godparent were to leave any of the Cepsa companies, the Fundación Cepsa will assign a new godparent in solidarity to continue the application process.

- Similarly, if the company does not have a solidarity sponsor, Fundación Cepsa will make every effort to find one to represent the company.

- Each entity may submit only one project per geographical area.

- Projects that have already won awards in previous editions are excluded, although complementary initiatives may be submitted.


Projects will be presented exclusively by filling in the online form of this web. The following documents shall be attached in PDF format:

1. Project letter of presentation signed by the Legal Representative, attaching his or her powers of attorney, a copy of his or her National Identity Document, together with a copy of the entity's Tax ID no. You must download the template provided in the form, fill it up and upload it as a PDF.

2. Copy of registration of the entity in the Public Registry, Chamber of Commerce or other competent body.

3. Bylaws of the entity in force and registered in the Public Registry, Chamber of Commerce or other competent body.

4. Annual financial statements of the entity of the last financial year adapted to the General Accounting Plan of the State of its nationality, approved by its Governing Body and, if available, an Audit Report drawn up by an External Auditor.

5. Articles of incorporation (only for Foundations).

6. Only for Associations that have been issued a Certificate of Public Interest by the relevant Body of the corresponding Autonomous Community or by the State of its nationality.

7. Certificate from the current Tax Agency stating that the company is up to date with its tax obligations, or equivalent certification in each country.

8. Current Social Security certificate confirming that the institution is up to date with its social security contribution obligations, or equivalent certification in each country.

9. Record of the current composition of the governing/administrative body of the participating company.

10. Questionnaire to analyse the integrity of the applicants. You will need to download the template provided in the form, complete it and upload it as a PDF.

Any entities which have doubts or encounter difficulties when completing the form may contact the email or the telephone numbers below

- Spain (+34) 900 500 515 (Hours of service monday to friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00 local time)
- Portugal (+351) 800 50 60 88 (Hours of service monday to friday from 09:00 to 19:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00)
- Colombia (+57) 16502108 (Hours of service from 08:00 to 13:00 local time)
- Brazil  (+55) 7135001417 (Hours of service from 08:00 to 15:00 local time)


Projects may be submitted from September 9, 2020 until 10:00 am (local time) on September 30, 2020.
The call will be resolved in December 2020.



Professionals from the Cepsa Group companies will be able to choose five (5) of the fourteen (14) projects selected by the Juries of Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil to compete for the “Special Employee Award”.

The voting, through Cepsa's Intranet, may be made in the period established in each call and in any case, before december of the current year.

Each professional may only participate once in the vote. The Fundación Cepsa reserves the right to exclude from the vote any participant(s) who, in its opinion, has participated in an incorrect and/or fraudulent manner.


According to these Legal Terms and Conditions, the different area juries will attach particular importance to projects that:

- Bolster support for individuals in socially vulnerable situations, focusing on the unemployed, those with addictions or illnesses, members of ethnic groups, immigrants, children, youths and adolescents, the elderly, victims of gender violence, those with functional diversity, inmates and others.
- Can safeguard their technical, economic and management viability, and establish clear monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
- Have a sufficiently detailed budget and specify in a clear way the purpose of the amount requested.
- Will include a higher percentage of funds donated by the Fundación Cepsa over the project budget.
- Can be used for employees of Cepsa to take part in the project as volunteers.
- Benefit a large number of people.
- Have a component of innovation.
- Projects should help improve the quality of life of vulnerable people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special approval will be given to projects in which the entity:
- Is an entity accredited by Fundación Lealtad (only for entities domiciled in Spain).


The winning projects in each of the areas where the Awards are held will be chosen by a Jury that may differ in each individual area.

The Juries of the Social Value Awards will be made up of authorities, administrative technicians and/or individuals of recognized standing who work in the field of social action, as well as representatives of Fundación Cepsa and/or Cepsa.

The veredict of the Juries shall be final and confidential until its decision is made public. Their deliberations, working documents and the outcome of the vote shall also be confidential.

The members of the Juries will not have conflicts of interest with the assessment criteria for the projects, nor with the participating entities.

A maximum of seven (7) winning projects will be chosen in each of the areas in which the Awards are given and at least one winning project will focus on alleviating the effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups.

The Juries reserve the right to declare the Awards void.

In addition to nominating the winners, the Jury of each of the areas in which the Awards are held will put forward two (2) additional projects as candidates for the “Special Employee Award”. The fourteen (14) projects nominated for this “Special Prize” will be different from the winning projects chosen by the Jury in each of the areas.



In each of the areas where the Awards are held in Spain, and also in Portugal and Brazil, up to SIXTY-TWO THOUSAND EUROS (€62,000) and in Colombia up to EIGHTY-TWO THOUSAND EUROS (€82,000), will be earmarked to help in funding and developing the winning projects.

The “Special Employee Prize” will be awarded in an amount of up to FORTY SIX THOUSAND EUROS (€46,000) which will be divided up between the five (5) winning projects.

If the amount earmarked for the projects of the ordinary awards does not reach the overall figure for each of the areas (€62,000 or €82,000), the remainder will be used to increase the amount of the Special Employee Prize.

The donation by the Fundación Cepsa will be paid to each of the projects in the following way:

- Eighty percent (80%) of the Award after the Concession Agreement is signed.
- The remaining twenty percent (20%) of the Award only when the entity has submitted to Fundación Cepsa a final report on the project and the justification of the expenses incurred for its execution, and these have been approved by the Fundación Cepsa.

For the winning entities in Portugal, Colombia and Brazil, the tax legislation applicable in accordance with their national law will be applied in order to make the Awards to the winning entities by the Fundación Cepsa effective.




The prizes will be awarded during an institutional event organized by Fundación Cepsa in the different geographical areas, where the winning entities will receive a trophy symbolizing the Social Value Award.


Pursuant to the terms of applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data, the participants in the Social Value Awards are hereby informed of the following:

DATA PROCESSING CONTROLLER: Fundación Cepsa, with Co. Tax ID No. G-87612933 and registered address at Paseo de la Castellana, 259 A, CP 28046 Madrid (Spain). Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:

PURPOSE OF DATA PROCESSING: The personal data provided within the framework of the Social Value Awards shall be included in the processing files held by Fundación Cepsa for the following purposes:

- Managing participation in the Social Value Awards.

- Facilitating the information requested, whether over the website, by email or by phone. Phone calls will be recorded for the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of the service. Emails may register confirmation of receipt and reading.

- Fulfilling Fundación Cepsa's legal obligations.

- Issuing notices regarding the Social Value Awards.

PERSONAL DATA OF THIRD PARTIES: If the personal data furnished pertains to a third party, the data subject warrants that he/she has informed such third party of this Privacy Policy and has received permission to furnish the data to Fundación Cepsa for the above- mentioned purposes. The data subject also warrants that the data furnished are accurate and up to date, and such party is liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage that could arise as a result of a breach of this obligation.

PERSONAL DATA STORAGE PERIOD: The personal data provided shall be kept during the course of the Social Value Awards and afterwards, for the storage periods established by law.

LEGITIMATE BASIS FOR PROCESSING THE PERSONAL DATA: Fundación Cepsa shall process the personal data for the purposes established herein on the grounds of maintaining the legal relationship established, the legitimate interests of Fundación Cepsa, fulfillment of legal obligations and, when required, the consent of the data subject.

TRANSFERS AND RECIPIENTS OF PERSONAL DATA: All of the transfers indicated below are necessary for fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes, or are made in compliance with legal obligations. The personal data may be transferred to Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A. and other companies in the Cepsa Group, which can be found at, and to the Public Authorities.

DATA SUBJECTS’ RIGHTS: Data subjects may address Fundación Cepsa to exercise their right of access and the rights to rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, opposition, portability, to object and to refuse automated individual decision-making. They may also revoke any consent given for any specific purpose.
Podrán ejercitarse a través del correo electrónico:, o a la siguiente dirección: (Ref.: Fundación Cepsa), Paseo de la Castellana, 259 A, 28046- Madrid (España).

These rights may be exercised by sending an email to:, or by mail to the following address: (Ref.: Fundación Cepsa), Paseo de la Castellana, 259 A, 28046-Madrid (Spain).

Users are hereby informed that they may address any type of complaint they may have regarding the protection of personal data to the Spanish Data Protection Agency,, the Spanish Government’s Supervisory Authority.


The winning entities, their representatives and the sponsors of the winning projects assign to the Fundación Cepsa and Compañia Española de Petróleos, S.A. the rights of use of logos, image rights to photographs, videos and graphic material and consent to their use exclusively for the advertising and promotion of the Social Value Awards in any of the competitions to promote the social action of the Fundación Cepsa, all in accordance with the provisions of Spanish legislation and to the greatest extent permitted by law for use in communication actions.



The information generated in each Social Value Awards competition will be subject to the following confidentiality terms:

- The names of the participating entities and the content of the projects shall be confidential.
- Only the names and details of the entities that have been awarded prizes and those shortlisted by the Juries for the “Special Employee Award”, the name and content of the projects they have submitted, will be made public. The names of the sponsors of the winning projects will also be made public.

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