Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We believe in promoting the conservation of biodiversity, restoring natural spaces and increasing environmental education. To do this we work on initiatives to raise awareness of the conservation of the environment.

Through environmental projects, we contribute to
the following Sustainable Development Goals

Madrevieja natural park

We promote visits and knowledge of the Madrevieja natural park at San Roque (Cádiz).  It is home to diverse species of native flora and fauna representing great ecological wealth.

Odiel Marshes and Laguna Primera at Palos de la Frontera (Huelva)

We protect and promote the natural and archaeological heritage of these natural places in Huelva. In the case of Laguna Primera we also carry out conservation, restoration, improvement and public use of the space.

Green Santa Cruz program

We participate in community conservation and maintenance initiatives to make the natural and urban space of Santa Cruz healthier. By doing this we help to promote values connected to heritage and environment of the capital.


Blue Natura LIFE Project

This program aims to quantify carbon deposits and retention rates of the seagrass and tidal marsh habitats in Andalusia. We also seek financing for conservation and restoration projects for Blue Carbon seabed habitats.


Promotion and environmental education on natural areas in Huelva

We promote visits, outreach workshops and promotion activities at the Odiel Dunes Botanical Garden (Huelva). We also organize environmental educational programs for school children and we cooperate with monitoring and conservation work of Osprey populations in the Odiel Marshes.


Mini gardens and healthy eating at schools in Tenerife

This project aims to instill values related to sustainable development, biodiversity, and respect for the environment among children. The children grow a plant in class, observe how it grows, and learn about the importance of a healthy diet.


Educational conferences on World Wetlands Day

During the month of February we organize visits, educational workshops and environmental recreational activities on World Wetlands Day at the Laguna Primera de Palos..


Alijar II wind farm:

We have launched two projects at the wind farm to protect indigenous biodiversity: one project aimed at preserving and restoring the Montagu's harrier population within the area occupied by the wind farm; and a study on Iberian bats in the area.