Fundación Cepsa Favors Presence of Endangered Species at Laguna Primera
Bird monitoring work in Laguna detects three endangered species.
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More than 190 students from the Polytechnic School completed their training with the Fundación Cepsa Chair in 2020
The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of Cádiz presents its activity report for last year.
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Fundación Cepsa and UNED Campo de Gibraltar kick off their annual collaboration with the ‘La UNED y la Palabra’ conference
This series of conferences that, for the time being, will be held virtually due to the pandemic have resumed.
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More than 16,000 Canary Islanders Benefit from Fundación Cepsa initiatives in 2020
The entity participated in 40 social, scientific-educational, environmental, cultural and sports activities.
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40,000 people benefited from Fundación Cepsa’s actions in Campo de Gibraltar in 2020
The foundation invested more than €450,000 over the past year.
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Fundación Cepsa collaborates with soup kitchens in the capital of Gran Canaria
A contribution channeled through the Food Bank of Las Palmas, which will provide around 4,500 meals for visitors in six centers.
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Fundación Cepsa Celebrates World Wetlands Day in Andalusia
For 19 years now, this day has been a day of celebration for Cepsa and Fundación Cepsa.
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Fundación Cepsa Holds the 2020 Social Value Awards in the Canary Islands
Afedes, Atelsam, Aspercan, Funcasor and Amate were the winning organizations in the latest edition.
More information
Fundación Cepsa presents the 2020 Social Value Awards to six entities in the region
Afemen, Nuevo Hogar Betania, Afavi, and Trasdocar in the general category, and Bandera Rosa and Aires in the Covid19 category, were recognized in this virtual ceremony.
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Fundación Cepsa Presents Social Value Awards at Ceremony Marked by COVID-19
In this edition, Fundación Cepsa distributed over €70,000 in Huelva among six associations from the province.
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The Dunas del Odiel Botanical Garden and Fundación Cepsa raise environmental awareness
Fundación Cepsa, in collaboration with the Regional Office of Sustainable Development, has once again run an extensive program of environmental workshops that saw more than 300 participants.
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The Madrevieja Environmental Station, a model for sustainability, records 139 bird and 21 mammal species in 2020
The station's annual report highlights recording the presence of martens and badgers.
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Canary Islands food banks receive fuel cards from Fundación Cepsa
Intended for the vehicles the associations use to do their work in the community.
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The Food Bank of Huelva receives "the energy" of Fundación Cepsa in fuel cards
The delivery is intended for the vehicles the association uses to do its work in the province.
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Fundación Cepsa and the Junta rehabilitate a Roman funeral monument in Carteia
The funerary object, the "cuppa," which dates back to between the 2nd and 3rd century AD, is now on display on the tour.
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Fundación Cepsa donates fuel cards to Campo De Gibraltar Food Bank
The cards can be used to buy fuel for the vehicles used by the organization in its charity work in the region.
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Cristina Ortiz, new Director of Fundación Cepsa
Paloma Alonso and Alex Archila, Cepsa executives, have joined as new members on the institution’s board.
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The study by Fundación Cepsa and the University of Seville (US) Research Foundation advances its knowledge of the Rugulopteryx okamurae algae and its behavior in the marine environment
An exhaustive review of underwater photographs and videos taken by US researchers has illustrated the severe environmental impact in specific geographical points before and after 2015-2016
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Fundación Cepsa and the Andalusian Government Maintain their Commitment to Promote the Carteia Archaeological Site
Thanks to the 2020 agreement, the Roman Forum is being restored and a documentary about the site is set to be produced.
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Fundación Cepsa and UNED award for academic excellence
Manuel Jesús Rodríguez and Samuel González are the winners of the UNED+1 Awards in the Humanities and Science categories respectively.
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AFA 'Caminar', Employees' Special Award in Fundación Cepsa's Social Value Awards
The project called "Promoting well-being" by Afan de Lucha por los Enfermos de Alzheimer Caminar [an association that supports Alzheimer's patients] in Bollullos Par del Condado has joined the five entities from Huelva that were chosen by the local jury.
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair presents its 2020 scientific research awards
Vanessa Ripoll, Silvia Puerta, and Ismael Rodríguez collect their awards at the Polytechnical School of Algeciras
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair of the UHU pushes forward its first Industrial Thesis
The thesis explores a novel method for switching directly from benzene to phenol using catalysts that work in non-conventional environments
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Fundación Cepsa and Aspronte are committed to improving the quality of life for children and young people with multiple disabilities
Care for this group is channeled through a physiotherapy project that won a Social Value Award in 2019.
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Fundación Cepsa and Sagrado Corazón School reinforce training in digital skills
With support from the Fundación Cepsa, the Sagrado Corazón School in Puente Mayorga will be able to offer digital skill educational workshops for parents and students.
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair announces its awards for innovation and research at the UCA
The Fundación Cepsa Chair recognizes Vanessa Ripoll, Ismael Rodríguez and Silvia Puerta for their talent and hard work.
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The Madrevieja Environmental Station, a reserve of more than 240 moth species
The observation and reproduction of the Willowherb hawkmoth, a species protected by the EU, has been documented; this is the furthest south on the Iberian Peninsula that it has ever been recorded.
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Cepsa Foundation recognizes projects focused on health care and vulnerable groups in its Social Value Awards 2020
Six entities have been awarded in this edition, of which two have presented specific projects to alleviate Covid-19.
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Atelsam, Afedes, Aspercan, Funcasor, and Amate, distinguished with the 2020 Social Value Awards in the Canary Islands
The awards emphasize people who are especially vulnerable due to the COVID-19 crisis, with severe mental disorders, Asperger syndrome, affected by breast cancer, and with functional diversity.
More information
Fundación Cepsa’s Social Value Awards recognize five entities in Huelva
A New Horizon for my Neighborhood, Carabela Youth Association, FEAFES - Huelva, Cienciaterapia, and AOSA-TEA are the winning entities selected by the jury.
More information
Fundación Cepsa will present the Social Value Awards on November 10th
The jury will be chaired by Eva Pajares, deputy councilor of the regional government of Andalusia in Campo de Gibraltar.
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Modesto González and Enrique Pérez, winners of the first edition of the TFG and TFM Awards of The Fundación Cepsa Chair of the ULL
These awards seek to recognize and promote the research work of students and disseminate their work.
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The Fundación Cepsa Professorship of the ULL sponsors its first industrial doctorate
The focus will be on obtaining biofuels by processing oils and fats in hydrotreatment units, placing special emphasis on the preparation of new catalysts
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Fundación Cepsa and the Santa Rita School join forces for digital education in the age of COVID-19
With support from the Fundación Cepsa, the AMPA of Santa Rita School will be able to offer digital skill educational workshops for parents and students.
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Thirty-nine Entities from Campo de Gibraltar Submit Projects for the Fundación Cepsa Social Value Awards
The jury will meet in November to assess the projects and determine the winners.
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A total of 78 organizations will compete in Fundación Cepsa's 2020 Social Value Awards in the Canary Islands
The Awards jury has been selected and will be once again chaired by Ombudsman Rafael Yanes.
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Fundación Cepsa and Nuevo Futuro, working together to improve the Carmen Herrero assistance center
With support from the Fundación Cepsa, the La Línea-based company is remodeling the patio of its facilities thanks to the Social Value Award 2019.
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair of the UCA launches an innovative doctoral thesis to identify aromatic oil-derived compounds with an electronic nose
This is the second doctoral thesis between the University of Cadiz (UCA) and the Fundación Cepsa through the Chair at the Polytechnic School of Algeciras
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Inspiring Girls and Fundación Cepsa join forces to promote the inclusion of girls in science and technology careers
Professionals from Cepsa will take part as volunteers in Inspiring Girl to help break down gender stereotypes and support new generations of girls through shared experience
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Fundación Cepsa gets a first-hand look at the project by Fundación Amaranta helping migrant women and women sex workers
The organization based in Algeciras has assisted nearly a hundred migrant women and women sex workers thanks to the Social Value Award from Fundación Cepsa.
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair of the University of Cadiz studies the optimization of the operation of the biological reactors at the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery
This is the first doctoral thesis between the University of Cadiz (UCA) and the Fundación Cepsa through the Chair at the Polytechnic School of Algeciras
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair with the University of La Laguna unveils its web page
The Fundación Cepsa Chair of Innovation and Efficiency of the University of La Laguna has unveiled a web pageto bring visibility to its activity and to open up their daily activities to society
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Fundación Cepsa launches the 16th edition of the Social Value Awards and increases its endowment to promote projects related to COVID-19
The Foundation has increased the initial endowment by €100,000 to reaching the total figure of €500,000 to promote charity actions related to the current health and social crisis
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Fundación Cepsa and ASPRODESORDOS, toward equal opportunities by developing social skills
The Association of Families of Deaf Persons of Huelva continues in summer, supporting young people with hearing impairments and their families
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The Fundación Cepsa and Iniciativas Humanas promote volunteering with minors under legal action
Around 20 young adults from Gran Canaria and Tenerife took part in activities to provide company to solitary senior citizens.
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The ULL’s Fundación Cepsa Chair of Energy Efficiency renews its collaboration for 2020
The director of Cepsa in the Canary Islands and representative of the Fundación Cepsa in the Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, and the Rector of the University of La Laguna, Rosa Aguilar, have recently signed an addendum to the agreement with the Fundación Cepsa Chair of Innovation and Energy Efficiency to formalize the action plan envisaged for 2020.
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Fundación Cepsa Donates Its Casa de Navidad Collection to Two Child-Focused Social Initiatives
Mensajeros de la Paz Canarias and Cruz Roja Española Las Palmas will distribute the more than 6,300 euro collected in this traditional space designed to help families from Gran Canaria
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Fundación Cepsa visits Prolibertas, winner of the Social Value Awards, and its refuge.
With support from Fundación Cepsa, the organization in Algeciras has served more than 8,000 meals so far this year thanks to the Fundación Cepsa Social Value Award
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair of the ULL Participates in the Construction and Launch of the First Nanosatellite of Canarian Students
The TEIDESAT project will establish optical communication with Earth and will be the first of its type undertaken at a Canary Island university
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Consolidating Research and the Relationship Between Professionals: A Key Focus of the Meeting between the Fundación Cepsa University Chairs in Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Madrid
The vice-rector for Innovation at the University of Huelva (UHU) stressed that these Chairs furthered the relationship between universities, society and the world of business.
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair at ULL Launches Project to Encourage Students to Pursue Technology as a Vocation
Internet of Things with LoRaWAN is aimed at university and high school students, who are seeking resource optimization and energy saving solutions
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Another Success for the Owl Recovery Project at the Madrevieja Environmental Station
The resident pair of owls have welcomed a second clutch and ten birds have been released
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The Fundación Cepsa-ULL Chair Analyzes the Application of Neural Networks in the Industrial Sector
Researcher Daniel González gives a master class in which he highlights the importance of predictive models for medium-term planning
More information
Fundación Cepsa — University of La Laguna (ULL) Chair Addresses Digital Transformation to Improve Competitiveness
The rector of the ULL and Cepsa's Chief Digital Officer stress the importance of customer focus, creating committed teams and using data in decision-making.
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Fundación Persán and Fundación Cepsa Make Second Delivery of Detergent in Campo de Gibraltar
Hogar Betania and Food Banks will distribute the donation to more than 16,000 people in the region.
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Cepsa Professionals in the Canary Islands Provide Companionship to Vulnerable Older People During Lockdown
Together with the Tenerife Red Cross and Iniciativas Humanas they volunteer to support elderly people in isolation
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The first delivery of detergent from Fundación Persán and Fundación Cepsa arrives in Campo de Gibraltar
The Social Affairs municipal office in San Roque will provide assistance to families through its Food Guarantee Program
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Fundación Persán and Fundación Cepsa will supply detergent to 18,000 families over a period of three months
The 180,000 euro collaboration, co-financed in equal parts, represents two million washes for people affected by the COVID-19 crisis
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The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of Cadiz Holds the First Rector Committee Meeting of the Year Virtually
The Chair will go ahead with the planned activities for 2020, subject to how the health crisis develops
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First Year of Study by Fundación Cepsa and the University of Seville on Asian Algae Comes to an End
80% of most horizontal surfaces in the Strait of Gibraltar are occupied by Rugulopteryx okamurae algae
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Cepsa professionals and its Foundation donate 480,000 kilos of food to help the groups affected by COVID-19
Thanks to the donation made by Fundación Cepsa and the contribution of the company's employees, 3,200 people will receive basic goods for two months
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Fundación Cepsa Donates €20,000 to Assist Civil Protection and Other Services Related to COVID-19
The company has donated €10,000 in fuel cards for Civil Protection and other services in the province of Cadiz
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Fundación Cepsa reinforces the campaign of food banks to cover the needs of the most vulnerable groups in the face of COVID-19
The pandemic has left the most disadvantage in society facing a health emergency, so Fundación Cepsa has responded to an urgent request from the Spanish Federation of Food Banks by donating 300,000 kilos of food
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Fundación Cepsa cooperates with Red Cross to transport patients with COVID-19
Fundación Cepsa is helping mobilize 100 ambulances for the emergency transport of infected patients as part of the Red Cross Response Plan
More information
Fundación Cepsa donates fuel vouchers for COVID-19 healthcare services
The company is delivering fuel cards to cover emergency transfers and transportation for health care professionals and other groups that are working against this crisis in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Canary Islands. It is also working to do the same in Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar
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Fundación Cepsa Renews its Annual Collaboration with UNED Campo de Gibraltar
Once again, after more than a decade of collaboration, the "UNED y la Palabra" conferences, and the UNED +1 Awards for academic excellence will be held this year.
More information
University students reach the end of their Training Paths program with the Fundación Cepsa Chair
The first phase of this new initiative kicked off with the first-year engineering students visiting the industrial center
More information
Birth of the first owlets at Fundación Cepsa Madrevieja Environmental Station
The initiative is a joint project between the Junta de Andalusia (Regional Government of Andalusia) and the European Union
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In 2019, Fundación Cepsa Touched the Lives of Thousands of Canarians though Nearly Fifty Initiatives
Fundación Cepsa is focused on social, cultural, scientific-educational, environmental and sporting initiatives
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Fundación Cepsa Celebrates World Wetlands Day in San Roque
Throughout February, the Estación Ambiental Madrevieja nature reserve will play host to several environmental workshops to teach school children about the value of this natural space
More information
Professor Andrea Brito takes over the Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna (ULL)
She will be responsible for leading and coordinating the 2020 program of activities, based on research, training and outreach
More information
Fundación Cepsa recognizes the social work of four entities in Madrid
A total of 93 projects were presented for the 2019 Madrid awards
More information
Fundación Cepsa is collaborating in the talks that add a little more of the Canaries to their International Music Festival
Open to the general public, these sessions are hosted by the renowned musicologist and commentator Ricardo Ducatenzeiler
More information
Fundación Cepsa presents its Social Value Awards in the Canaries
ASPRONTE, CIVITAS, Iniciativas Humanas and Nuevo Futuro Tenerife will be able to launch four projects this year thanks to these awards
More information
Fundación Cepsa donates fuel cards to Campo de Gibraltar food bank
The cards can be used to buy fuel for the vehicles used by the organization in its charity work
More information
Fundación Cepsa presents a new Sumérgete en Santa Cruz (Immerse yourself in Santa Cruz) mural in El Toscal
The mural is located on Calle San Francisco Javier and is the work of Tenerife-based artist Adrián Martínez
More information
Fundación Cepsa presents the 2019 Social Value Awards to five entities in the region
Amaranta, La Montera, Fundación Prolibertas, Fegadi and Nuevo Futuro all received their awards.
More information
Fundación Cepsa launches project to restore the owl population of the Madrevieja Environmental Station
The initiative is a joint project between the Junta de Andalusia (Regional Government of Andalusia) and the European Union
More information
Over 2,700 People Visit Cepsa's Energy Facilities in San Roque in 2019
As well as the company's industrial facilities, visitors also had the opportunity to see the Roman ruins of Carteia and the Madrevieja environmental research center.
More information
Fundación Cepsa Social Value Awards grant more than €380,000 to 35 charitable initiatives
Since 2005, these awards have made over 340 social projects a reality in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil.
More information
The Fundación Cepsa Chair presents its 2019 scientific research awards
Cristina Agabo-García and Alicia Ruiz Iglesias picked up awards
More information
Fundación Cepsa Renews Its Commitment to Grassroots Canarian Wrestling in Tenerife
For the third year running, Fundación Cepsa and the Federación Insular de Lucha Canaria de Tenerife (the Canarian Wrestling Foundation of Tenerife) will once renew their collaboration agreement to host the third edition of the Canarian wrestling tournament for U8 and U10 teams in Tenerife.
More information
The UCA hosts the Cátedra Fundación Cepsa Prizes
Cristina Agabo-Garcia and Alicia María Ruiz Iglesias are recognized for their talent and effort by Cátedra Fundación Cepsa (the Fundación Cepsa Chair)
More information
ASPRONTE, Iniciativas Humanas, CIVITAS and Nuevo Futuro Tenerife: Winners of the 2019 Social Value Awards
Fundación Cepsa has selected four projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people with functional diversity suffering from social exclusion.
More information
Fundación Cepsa Recognizes Work with Minors, People with Disabilities and those Suffering Social Exclusion in its 2019 Social Value Awards
Amaranta, La Montera, Fundación Prolibertas, Fegadi and Nuevo Futuro were the winners of this edition.
More information
Fundación Cepsa celebrates Nature Protection Day at Madrevieja
5th Grade primary school students from Sagrado Corazón de Puente Mayorga school visited the environmental station .
More information
Cepsa Volunteers Clean Up Half a Ton of Waste from Antequera Beach
More than twenty of Cepsa professionals and their families participated in a coastal cleanup
More information
Thirty-nine Entities from Campo de Gibraltar Submit Projects for the Fundación Cepsa Social Value Awards
The jury will meet in November to assess the projects and determine the winners
More information
Fundación Cepsa renews its pledge to `Canarias Conduce Segura´
It has supported the initiative since its inception seven years ago
More information
Fundación Cepsa launches a new edition of its Social Value Awards
Up to 400,000 euros will be distributed among various initiatives that foster the inclusion and welfare of underprivileged groups of society
More information
Fundación Cepsa launches the 15th Edition of the Social Value Awards
Up to €400,000 will be distributed among diverse initiatives that foster inclusion and welfare of disadvantages groups
More information
Fundación Cepsa celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Gran Canaria film and food festival with Cine+Food
Fundación Cepsa is taking part in the festival by staging daily culinary workshops aimed at the whole family, in a bid to promote healthy eating and responsible consumption
More information
The fourth edition of the University-Business teaching partnership program between UCA and Fundación Cepsa enters its final phase
Students from the Polytechnic School of Algeciras train alongside Cepsa’s own employees
More information
Fundación Cepsa visits the winning projects from the Social Value Awards that provide aid to underprivileged communities
Amaranta and the Padre Cruceyra Restaurant, both located in Algeciras, improve the aid they offer their users thanks to Fundación Cepsa
More information
Fundación Cepsa visits the winners of the Social Value Awards running programs to help young people
Alternative projects in La Línea and Barrio Vivo in Algeciras work with children and teenagers at risk of social exclusion
More information
Fundación Cepsa promotes the great outdoors with its ‘Anaga on foot’ guided routes
The initiative, in partnership with Fundación Santa Cruz Sostenible, will be offering eight trails through to October
More information
The Madrid School of Mines joins Fundación Cepsa’s exchange of Chairs meetings
The efforts of Fundación Cepsa’s Chairs are focused the promotion of research in the universities
More information
Fundación Cepsa promotes young talent in the IV Canary Islands Masterclass
It is once again collaborating with this pre-university guidance project, organized by the Canary Talent Association
More information
Cepsa volunteers have helped to create a sustainable garden for social purposes
The aim of this initiative, launched by the Finca Berta Community Association, is to adapt the land so that it can be enjoyed by schools, families and social groups
More information
Fundación Cepsa presents its Energy Campus prizes for the third time
Two pupils from Las Veredillas secondary school were awarded first prize for their ‘Holographic Energy Project’
More information
The ‘Images without Rights’ show of Fundación Cepsa and the Red Cross has now received over 1,500 visitors
This traveling photography exhibition has been on show in La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and Garachico
More information
Fundación Cepsa and Santa Cruz City Council promote a program of environment-related actions
Around 6,000 people, including schoolchildren, families and other users, will benefit from the initiatives run by the Fundación Santa Cruz Sostenible
More information
Fundación Cepsa promotes road safety awareness among young people in Madrid
The foundation organized a day of education and practical training for more than 60 young people in the region
More information
Four Gran Canaria NGOs share the funds raised by Fundación Cepsas Casa de Navidad
The Asociación Nuevo Futuro, the Club Deportivo Támbara, the Asociación Síndrome de Down and the Asociación Juvenil Bentejuí will each receive 2,581 euros
More information
The University of Huelva’s Fundación Cepsa Chair presents its activity report for 2018
This Chair was the first to be created at the University of Huelva (UHU), in 2003
More information
Over 750 schoolchildren take part in Fundación Cepsa’s third Energy Campus
The digital education program is complemented with a training talk, a workshop and a guided visit to the company’s facilities in the capital of Tenerife
More information
Fundación Cepsa and Facocip pay tribute to Valleseco’s fishing history
Fundación Cepsa has included this urban artwork in its Sumérgete en Santa Cruz mural campaign.
More information
Research and training are the keys to the Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna
The first meeting of the joint committee between the two entities progresses the program of activities for the year
More information
Santa Cruz School of Indigenous Sports Fundación Cepsa takes message to schools
Over 2,500 schoolchildren from 27 schools in Tenerife's capital learn about Canarian sports
More information
Over 30 schools in Tenerife take part in Fundación Cepsa’s Energy Campus III
As part of the program, Cepsa will be organizing visits by students to its plant and facilities over the next two months
More information
The Fundación Cepsa Chairs of Andalusia and the Canary Islands share objectives in Seville
The Engineering School of the University of Seville hosts the first Fundación Cepsa inter-chair meeting
More information
Fundación Cepsa and Fundación de Investigación de la Universidad de Sevilla launch study to tackle Rugulopteryx algae
The project will last four years and will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this Asian species
More information
Professor Leopoldo Acosta, new director of the Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna
The director of this chair of Innovation and Energy Efficiency is a specialist in robotics, control engineering and artificial intelligence
More information
Fundación Cepsa donates fuel cards this February to Campo de Gibraltar Food Bank
The cards can be used to buy fuel for the vehicles used by the organization in its charity work
More information
Fundación Cepsa celebrates World Wetlands Day with Huelva primary school pupils
Over 500 pupils from different educational centers in the province will attend environmental workshops in the Laguna Primera de Palos lagoon
More information
The University of Seville and the Chair of Fundación Cepsa strengthen their commitment to research and innovation
University professors will be posted to Cepsa’s San Roque and Palos sites to carry out their projects there
More information
The Chair of Fundación Cepsa and the UCA deepen their partnership by signing an agreement for two industrial papers
The Vice-Rector of the UCA has announced the university’s intention to increase levels of cooperation through the Academic Chair of Fundación Cepsa
More information