Fundación Cepsa Chair with the University of Huelva

The work of the Fundación Cepsa — University of Huelva (UHU) Chair focuses on training and research, fostering the exchange of knowledge among professionals from both institutions in the scientific and technological fields that are directly linked to the Company's activity, as well as opening a gateway for the university community to employability, leadership, entrepreneurship and value creation.


Professor Inés Garbayo Norés is in charge of managing the Chair. In compliance with the University of Huelva's Regulations on External Chairs, the Chair Committee also includes three representatives from the UHU and three from Fundación Cepsa. 

Although collaboration agreements have been in place since 1997, since the launch of the chair in 2003 more than 200 students have benefited from the different courses, activities and research areas that Cepsa has promoted at the university.

"ALUMNO DIEZC" program

As part of the Chair's key program, UHU and Fundación Cepsa recognize the personal and professional excellence of their students on a yearly basis.

The program, "Alumno DiezC," was launched in 2004 with the aim of finding students who stand out in a professional sense, but also have, among other skills, language skills, computer skills, experience in university centers (mobility), professional work experience, and who are committed to their organization and to society.

The name "DiezC" summarizes the program's purpose: It seeks out students who have had comprehensive training (hence "Diez," meaning "ten" in Spanish), and who have a range of skills and competences (hence the "C").

This project equips students with interdisciplinary skills (leadership, teamwork, creativity, communication, etc.), helping to make them more employable and enabling them to adapt quickly to the labor market and to the demands of each sector.


The Fundación Cepsa Chair also awards prizes for the best undergraduate and master's these at the University of Huelva through the Sapere Aude awards. These awards, which have been awarded since 2003, seek to value and promote students' research work in topics such as process optimization and energy efficiency, safety and the environment, digital transformation, business ethics, the circular economy or bringing energy solutions to the people.