At the foundation we support scientific-educational innovation and that’s why we carry out projects to strengthen education, employability, research development and innovation in the energy and industrial sectors.

Energy Campus

This training program is aimed at high school students and it shows them the world of energy and oil from exploration and oil production through to its sale. It also addresses issues related to safety and environmental care.


Young Dream Weavers Colombia

We support work helping children and youth at risk of social exclusion involving parents, teachers and pupils, through formative classes.

Tecnológica Santa Cruz

We collaborate with this encounter, organized by the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to raise awareness of the use of information and communications technology and bring the innovations of the Knowledge Society closer to people. 

First Lego League

We support the regional edition of the school robotics competition First Lego League (FLL) in the Canary Islands.

TLP Tenerife

We promote interest in the scientific and technological worlds among young people at the TLP Tenerife event. We also support a culture of innovation in students to promote the economic development of the Canaries through knowledge.

Diverciencia, ciencia en la calle

We work with secondary schools in Algeciras (Cádiz) to bring young people closer to science through a fun classroom approach. The program ends with an exhibition in the center of Algeciras where young scientists present their research work to the public.

Specialization in refining, a collaborative teaching project

We work together with the University of Cadiz to teach theoretical and practical content in our classrooms at the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to work on projects together with our team of professionals, with the aim of offering them realistic insight into the field of industrial engineering.

Language Courses Abroad

With the support of the Council of Palos de la Frontera we promote English learning offering time abroad for high school students with the best academic records from schools in the area.