We carry out projects with diverse collectives, bearing in mind the distinct characteristics of every community. Our aim is to contribute to improving the quality of life.


Caracara Projects (Colombia)

We help families in need to return to agricultural activities in the Caracara region so they can increase their income and reduce their dependence on the oil industry. This project includes activities such as seminars and workshops on agriculture and entrepreneurship, and the development of a support plan for families.

Canaries Road Safety (Canarias Conduce Segura)

In this awareness campaign we aim to promote road safety through workshops in primary and secondary schools on the islands, with initiatives targeted at businesses and families.

Road and local infrastructure improvement in districts in Peru

We carry out projects to improve the road network and local infrastructure in the districts of Tournavista (Puerto Inca province) and Alexander Von Humboldt (Padre Abad Province). The area of social influence is in rural areas and areas populated by native communities or ancestral towns and villages.

Leucan in Canada

We collaborate with Leucan, a non-profit organization that promotes the recovery and welfare of children affected by cancer and their families by providing services and special, adapted assistance through all stages of cancer and its side effects. We also work with Comsep, an organization that supports people living in poverty and tries to improve their living conditions.

Memory Workshops in Cádiz

We aim to stimulate all cognitive areas to keep our elders fit, active and agile for longer. These workshops are organized by the town of San Roque (Cádiz) and given by the Asansull Association.

Christmas House in Las Palmas

Children’s play center service where specialized monitors take care of and entertain children between 3 and 12 years of age, while their parents do their Christmas shopping.

Collaboration in Portugal

We work with the Food Bank providing fuel to the association and participate at the Civil Protection Fair, organizing educational workshops on environmental protection and health and safety at Cepsa’s installations.

Children and young dream weavers in Colombia

We focus on helping children and youth at risk of social exclusion in the municipality of Puerto Gaitán (Colombia) with problems such as alcoholism, domestic abuse, and school absenteeism. The project consists of several phases with educational, cultural and recreational activities in collaboration with local authorities.

Social investment program in Maní (Colombia)

In this program we aim to develop projects to improve farmlands, livestock and basic sanitation. These social initiatives are carried out where our Jaguar oil pipeline is located and at the station in the Colombian town of Maní.