The Fundación Cepsa Chair at the University of La Laguna announces its first Awards for best Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

26 Aug 2020

    • The deadline for submitting documents is this coming 30 September
The Fundación Cepsa Chair of Innovation and Energy Efficiency at the University of La Laguna announces its first edition of Awards for best Bachelor’s Thesis (TFG) and best Master’s Thesis (TFM) for the 2019-2020 academic year.

This initiative aims to lend recognition to academic theses presented at the University of La Laguna (ULL) in each of the calls and which stand out for their particular originality and quality in the study of harnessing energy from waste and the circular economy; transportation logistics; energy efficiency of buildings; analysis of environmental solutions in energy operations and technologies that reduce consumption, and research on carbon and water footprints.

In addition, it also aims to promote research and innovation activity among ULL students in the areas covered by the Chair, disseminate the results of work already carried out and stimulate future academic work that will help to further innovation and energy efficiency.

To participate in this call, students must have completed their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses at the ULL and presented their results during the 2019-2020 academic year, and the subjects of such theses must relate to the requisite issues. In addition, students must have had their Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis approved in the year the awards are announced and have obtained a minimum score of eight out of ten.

Subsequently, a technical committee, made up of at least three people appointed by the Vice-Rector for Culture, Social Participation and the Ofra y La Palma Campus, will be responsible for analyzing submitted works and selecting the three best in each of the two categories (Bachelor's Thesis and Master's Thesis). What is more, the assessment committee will also include Cepsa and ULL staff, as well as any other specialist considered appropriate.

For the purposes of selecting theses, the committee will take account of their originality and degree of innovation; the relevance and practical applicability of the research results; the potential for developing future academic work, as well as the overall quality of the Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses.

More specifically, six prizes will be awarded, three for each of the categories, for a total amount of 3,800 euros.

The call has already been published in the Official Bulletin of the Canary Islands (BOC), and the application-submission deadline has been extended to this coming 30 September. Anyone interested in presenting their work can consult full information from the website following sets out the terms and conditions and all the documents that need to be attached.

University of La Laguna Fundación Cepsa Chair

These awards for academic excellence are part of the program of activities planned for 2020 by the Fundación Cepsa Chair for Innovation and Energy Efficiency at the University of La Laguna, which includes some fifteen initiatives this year.

The University of Laguna Fundación Cepsa Chair, which was created in 2018, aims to become a benchmark in the relations between private enterprises and academic institutions.

Cepsa chairs, which are managed through its Foundation, at the Universities of La Laguna, Huelva, Cádiz, Seville and Madrid, are being continually strengthened thanks to contributions and involvement from professionals at the Company and academic institutions dedicated to enhancing research, innovation and education.

Cepsa is a great ally of these universities. Its chairs have already enabled thousands of students to access the world of employment while bringing university professors closer to the energy and chemical reality. Knowledge and experience exchanges between Cepsa professionals and university teachers and students represent an enrichment for everyone.
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